Thursday, April 30

Wii Fit Weight: 114.6

Breakfast: two Eggo waffles with peanut butter and jelly and vanilla soy milk

Lunch: homemade sandwich with ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato on honey wheat bread

Snack: black & white chipper and a weird triangular-shaped mini sugar cookie with sprinkles from Paradise Bakery

Dinner: stir-fried eggplant and pork with white rice

Dessert: four strips of dried mango

Exercise: 6.11 mile bike ride in 35:11, .51 mile run in 4:34, strength training, 10 minutes elliptical, 1.61 mile bike ride in 9:32


Chicago, here I come

Elite Racing Heavy Medal Triple Crown Award

Yep, I decided to go ahead and register for RnR Chicago. I found a $15 discount code so registration was only $55 plus the stupid processing fee.

Assuming I finish both Seattle and Chicago, I’ll be getting this handy dandy medal from Elite Racing.

An unexpected run

Whew, I’m pooped. I was planning to go to the gym tonight for some strength training. I asked Troy to ride over with me to make sure that I lock my bike up right, but he didn’t want to go today. He said he’d go tomorrow, so I switched up my plans and went for a run instead. I was planning on an easy four miles. My legs were still tired from yesterday’s track workout so I started off slow around an 11 minute pace.

Now that the sun is setting later, I’ve been able to try some new running routes. I discovered a paved path that runs along the side of Highway 51. A couple weeks ago I headed north up the path and found myself at Reach 11. Tonight I went south instead. I got about a mile down the path (three miles from home), then decided that I better turn around before I got too tired to make it all the way back home. I’ll have to go back on my bike to see how much farther the path goes. I think it’ll be a nice place to bike where I don’t have to worry about cars and traffic lights.

After the first couple miles, my legs actually started to feel better and I picked up the pace just a little. One of these days I’ll have to figure out how to download my Garmin information to a computer so I have accurate data. But since I started around an 11 minute pace and finished at a 10 minute pace, I think I can safely consider that a negative split. I guess reading Mica’s blog is rubbing off on my training. (Hi Mica! Thanks for all the great comments!) Once I knew I was going to run the whole six miles to get back home, I decided to add in an extra .2 to do a full 10k. Overall the run was slower then I’d like, but I’m feeling better about being ready for the Seattle 1/2 in June.

I wore my new Adidas shoes for the run. I like the cushioning on the Adidas better than my Sauconys. But the Adidas are still irritating my arches. I’ve never needed to break in my Sauconys, so I’m not sure how much longer it’ll take to break in the Adidas. I hope it’s soon because other than the arch issue, they feel good to run in. I also somehow ended up with an icky blood blister on my second toe on my right foot. This is the first time that’s ever happened and I’m not sure why. I remembered to use BodyGlide tonight. It’s a puffy blister and I know I should probably pop it but I’m too scared. Now I’m thinking about trying those individual toe socks…

Wednesday, April 29

Breakfast: asiago bagel (from New York Bagels & Deli) with cream cheese

Lunch: pulled pork sandwich and two chocolate chip cookies from Shane’s Rib Shack (another free office lunch)

Recovery Drink: Shamrock Farms Rockin’ Refuel chocolate milk (this tasted sooo good after my run)

Dinner: sticky rice (lo mai gai) from Golden Buddha

Exercise: 6.22 mile run in 1:05:44 (Adidas)

Registration Dilemma

I want to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon in August, mainly just because it’s an inagural race. But I don’t know if that’s enough of a reason to justify the expense of traveling up to Chicago. I was planning to wait until the RnR Seattle Expo to make up my mind about registering, because I was hoping to get another free t-shirt with my registration. The thing is, the registration fee goes up from $70 to $85 on May 1. So if I wait I’d basically be paying an extra $15 for a free t-shirt. Also on the RnR Chicago Facebook page, they posted that the race is on track to sell out. So there’s also the possibility that registration may not even be available at Seattle. Now I’m thinking maybe I should just go for it and register…

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Slow, but fast

There was a smaller than usual turnout at the track workout tonight so I was the third to slowest runner. By now I know that I can’t keep try to keep up with the others so I just pushed myself at my own pace. It was a hard workout tonight. We did 1000 meters, then 800 meters, then 400 meters. Then we repeated it two more times. Not everyone stayed for the third set but I decided to stick with it to the end. My times varied a little more this week than last. Overall I was probably around an 8:30/8:40 average pace. For the last 400 I was tired, but tried my best to keep going as fast as I could. I was breathing very hard when I finished. I was so surprised when the coach told me my time… 1:53. That was my best run of the night! Afterward I did a super slow one mile cool down in about 11:40.

I’m really glad that I’m doing these track workouts. It forces me to push myself harder than I do during my normal runs. Even though my legs are tired and my knee hurts, I feel good about how I did at the workout tonight.

Tuesday, April 28

Wii Fit Weight: 114.9

Breakfast: harvest peach Yoplait Light

Snack: eight strips of dried mango

Lunch: chicken salad and tomato on a croissant (Lunch was brought in for the office from Paradise Bakery, but there were no cookies. That’s the best part of a Paradise Bakery meal!)

Workout Fuel: Honey Stinger peanut butter ‘n honey energy bar (Yummy! I’ll have to get more next time I’m at REI.)

Dinner: leftover stir-fried zucchini, mushrooms, and sausage with white rice

Dessert: 1/3 pint Ben & Jerry’s phish food

Exercise: 4.1 miles – track workout, plus 1 mile cool down (Saucony 6)