Product Review

Verve! insanely healthy energy

A few days after the Adventure Run, I got a phone call letting me know that I won a case of Verve! energy drink from entering a raffle at the race. The product rep Donna was nice enough to drop it off for me at the office where I work. 

Verve! energy drink

Verve! is marketed as a healthy energy drink… a more nutritional alternative to Red Bull and other products. According to the promotional material, Verve! has the same amount of Vitamin C as 2 oranges, the same amount of Vitamin E as 9 avocados, the same amount of Iron as 3 stalks of broccoli, the same amount of Vitamin D as 55 eggs, and so on. The energy boost comes from 80 mg of caffeine as well as a combination of several natural sources of energy like guarana seed and taurine.

Verve! comes in 8 oz cans and 3 oz shots. Both sizes have regular and sugar free options. I have the regular 8 oz cans.

Yesterday I finally got around to trying my first can of Verve! I made a face after my first sip and Troy asked if it tasted bad. But the face was actually because of the carbonation. I don’t really like carbonated drinks (other than the occasional root beer) so right away that was sort of a turn off. But the taste of the drink itself wasn’t bad. The main flavor is mangosteen. I’ve heard of mangosteen before but can’t say that I’ve ever tasted it. The overall impression I got was a sweet citrus taste with a hint of tropical flavor. Without the carbonation, Verve! would have been a nice juice drink. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no aftertaste.

So did it work? Well, I think the caffeine definitely gave me an extra kick of energy. I felt really good with no problems breathing during the run. If only my legs had cooperated with me I could have probably kept going for another three miles. The downside is that the caffeine kept me up most of the night tossing and turning because I couldn’t fall asleep. I’ll save the rest of the Verve! for morning/afternoon workouts.

If I was a regular drinker of Red Bull or another energy drink, I’d be willing to switch over to Verve! for the claimed nutritional value (none of the product statements have been evaluated by the FDA), although I’d probably go for the 3 oz shots instead since they’re non-carbonated. But so far I’m not interested enough in Verve! to actually want to go out and buy more.

One interesting fact is that it’s a local product. The main office is in Scottsdale and the distribution and manufacturing facilities are in Tempe. Right now it seems like it’s only being sold by individual distributors through a pyramid scheme, but I haven’t actually looked for it in stores. For more information, visit Donna’s website at