Race Report

Race Report – ARR I-Did-A-Green-Run 10k

Just got home and we’ll see how much I get written while my breakfast steams. The only thing that sounds halfway tempting to me right now is Asian food, so I’m heating up a lo mai gai.

I’m way more tired than it seems like I should be for “only” running a 10k. It was nice and cool when I left the house this morning, but once the sun came out it got really warm. I ran fairly hard for the first couple miles. It felt like I was having a hard time sucking in enough air with each breath. All I could do was focus on trying to keep up with the runners in front of me. I tried to keep pushing through the whole first 5k, but just couldn’t do it. I slowed down at around the 2.5 mile point. I ran much slower the second half of the race, with two long walk breaks at the water stations and one short walk break at a very small incline.

  • Mile 1 – 9:58
  • Mile 2 – 10:10
  • Mile 3 – 10:55
  • Mile 4 – 12:30
  • Mile 5 – 12:28
  • Mile 6 – 12:12
  • Last .27 miles – 2:51 (10:38 pace)

I haven’t seen the official results yet, but my Garmin has me finishing in 1:11:03 at an 11:20 pace. I’m not very happy with that time, but at least I finished. I wonder if I would have done better by running at a steadier pace throughout instead of starting off fast. The good thing is that I think I might have it in me to do a 30 minute 5k at the Expedition Everest Challenge. For the next week and a half my focus will be speed and aiming for consistent 10 minute miles.

I enjoyed meeting RunningLaur. It was nice having someone to chat with at the race for a change. In fact, I actually talked to a few people today. Brett Stewart, the organizer of the Fireside at Norterra Adventure Run that I did in April was there and remembered me. I still don’t know if I’ll do the second adventure run in November, but it sounds like they’re making some positive changes to the event. I also spoke with a guy named Mark who I’ve been running into at the Road Runner Sports 5ks. He’s also working toward P.F. Chang’s as his first marathon. He reminded me about the ARR Tuesday night track workouts. I think I may try to start going again now that it’s cooling down and once RnR San Jose is done.

There were a couple notable aspects of the “green” race that I want to mention. First was that instead of printing t-shirts for the event, participants were offered their choice of a leftover t-shirt from a previous ARR event. I think this is a great idea, but personally I decided to pass on the t-shirts because it just doesn’t feel right to me to wear a shirt from an event I didn’t actually do. The other thing was that raffle tickets were given out for every pair of old shoes that was donated. The raffle was definitely a good incentive for me to finally make the effort to get rid of my size 5 Sauconys that have been sitting around unused for almost a year. I didn’t really win, but at the end they gave away water bottles to anyone who was still around and hadn’t had their number called.

I’m trying to include photos in my posts whenever I can to keep things interesting. I didn’t bring my camera this morning, but here are a couple photos of the Reach 11 Recreation Area that I took a few weeks ago during a training run. Most of the course was on trails like this, but there were a few dips, rocky/sandy areas, and places where the course narrowed. The arch in the second photo was about the 2/5 mile point of the race.

Reach 11 Recreation Area

Reach 11 Recreation Area

Well, in the time it took to write this I’ve already finished breakfast. Now it’s time for an ice bath, then most likely another lazy day.


3 thoughts on “Race Report – ARR I-Did-A-Green-Run 10k”

  1. Blech, I hate running in the sun. It makes everything so much worse. That course looks intensely hot, I must say.

    I’m jealous that you met up with RL! She’s so nice.

  2. Thank you for your comment!! The 10K is an ANIMAL…I just did one and I have a ton of respect now. The funny thing is that with each distance I have run I realize just how DIFFERENT each race can be. A Marathon is NOT 2 half Marathons, I learned that very quickly.

    Prepping for a MArathon in January 🙂 I am jealous, I wish there was a January race around here, but alas too cold. Find a training plan that fits your schedule, tweak as needed. Study the Marathon course and run portions of it if possible. If there are HILLS then make sure you training includes hills of the same size. Practice your gear, fuel, water, etc… train like every day is race day.

    The mileage will slowly increased and before you know it 13.1 will seem EASY….I know sounds funny, but it WILL! If you have this goal put your mind, body and heart into it…you are young and you only live once. GO FOR IT!!

  3. sounds like a good race still! too bad you didn’t officially win the shoe-donating raffle but at least you still got a water bottle. i need to break down and part with my old running shoes instead of holding onto them for “sentimental” reasons.

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