Shopping, Walking

Yay for Target

After taking yesterday off (not enough hours in the day to fit everything in!), I went for another semi-long walk today. 5.76 miles in 1:28:06 (15:18 pace). I was feeling really good for the first 5 miles. I did miles 1, 2, 3, and 5 in under a 15 min pace. (I think mile 4 must have been when I hit the big hill.) Then I got stuck at a stoplight. Ugh. When I started walking again I realized my legs had stiffened up and I ended up taking it much, much slower for the last little bit to get back home again.

Overall, I’m just happy that I’m able to get outside and be active again. Just a few weeks ago I was tired after walking 2 miles. But now it seems like my energy level is back to 100%. It sucked to be sick and in the hospital for so long. But in a way I think I almost needed that wake-up call to realize that hey, lupus really is a serious condition and I need to pay more attention to my health and nutrition and listen to my body and put myself first.

Anyway, on to a new topic… During my long walk on Sunday I was feeling some chafing from my Road Runner Sports sports bra. It’s very supportive, but not the most comfortable material. Now, this was a bit of a problem because I was planning to wear that bra for RNR Las Vegas this weekend. I do have other sports bras, but none of them are black and I have this thing about matching colors, especially for races. The other brand of sports bra that I like is Champion, so I made what was supposed to be a quick trip over to Target to see what they had in stock.

In addition to finding a great black sports bra, I also picked up a pair of black Champion workout pants that were on sale, and two pairs of black gloves for just $1. At that price, I can bring the gloves to keep warm before early morning races and then throw them away with no regrets. As for the pants, I was so excited because they’re the perfect length…

I don’t know if you can tell from my photos, but I’m short. Only 4’10”. I know I’m short and usually I’m okay with it (except for when I need to get something from the top shelf of the cupboard, haha). Being short is part of my personality… since I’m not tall enough to be intimidating, I’m silly and cute and personable instead. But the worst thing about being short is finding pants that are the right length. I recently bought workout pants at Road Runner Sports and REI, but they would have had to be hemmed. Now, both pairs are going to be returned and Target’s going to be my new go-to store. Why? Because they actually have pants that come in petite sizes! No hemming needed!

I tried out all three of my new purchases tonight during the walk. It was especially nice to have the gloves to keep my hands warm. But the next thing I need now is something to cover my ears. I guess that gives me something to shop for at the Expo on Saturday!