I’m a wuss

I wanted to check out a new trail so Troy and I went to Papago Park on Sunday afternoon. I’d never been to this part of the park before, but the trail was supposed to okay for beginners. I discovered that I’m just not cut out for mountain biking. I get too freaked out by the rocky hills. I don’t like going too fast and I’m always worried that I’m going to fall off my bike and crash. Looking back at the ride, I don’t think I would describe any part of it as fun. Mostly I was just relieved to have made it through in one piece. I know I probably just need to have more confidence in my bike and myself. But for now I think I’ll stick to riding at Reach 11 and on roads until after the duathlon. Then maybe I’ll try again.


1 thought on “I’m a wuss”

  1. Chad’s Lurker Lisa – Hi!

    I was at Papago Park running this weekend – kudos to you for trying out the mountain biking thing. I’m way too afraid of the combination of high speed, sharp rocks, and cacti to even attempt mountain biking in Phoenix.

    Looks like we’ve done a bunch of the same races. I’m excited to read about your upcoming running and racing!

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