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Run For Vania 5k

Whew, it’s only 1pm and I’ve already had a busy morning. I got up at 5am and managed to leave the house right on schedule at 5:30. The Run For Vania 5k was at Kiwanis Park in Tempe which is a half hour drive away. Registration was $25. A little high since it didn’t even include a t-shirt (which was an extra $10), but it was for a good cause. I had considered trying to get in a 1 mile run before the race, but I barely had enough time to warm up, visit the bathroom, and stretch before the race started at 6:30.

Even though my 5k PR was at Kiwanis Park, I’ve been a little down on it as a race location. The day I got the PR, the course was altered slightly at the last minute because too much rain had made the lake overflow. I suspect that my PR was only because the course was a little short. Then I ran what was supposed to be a 9k (5.6 miles) race at the park, but it wasn’t until the results were posted online that I found out the course was changed at the last minute (again!) and we only ran about 4.8 or 4.9 miles. The organizers cited concerns about crowding as the reason for the course change.

But today, everything went smoothly and I had no complaints. The course was basically 3 segments – up the road, back down the canal, then around the lake to the finish. I really appreciated all the volunteers who were out directing us where to turn and providing encouragement.

Since I had worked out yesterday, less than 12 hours before this morning’s race, I wasn’t going in with high expectations. My goal, like at the last 5k, was to finish under 30 minutes. I started out a little fast around a 9:00 pace and thought maybe I could hold on, but ended up slowing down to a more comfortable speed for most of the race. I saw the clock as I was coming in and tried to pick up the pace a little. My official time is 29:58. However, according to my Garmin the course was .05 miles short, so I probably would have been over 30 minutes. Either way I’m happy that my pace was under 10:00.

After finishing, I stopped for a drink of water and saw some yummy looking Oreos and watermelon slices on the refreshment table. But today it wasn’t time to stop and eat yet. I had more miles to get in. After a five minute break I started running again. At first I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go. I ended up rerunning most of the course, going up the road and down the canal and back again. Then I did almost two loops around the lake. At a minimum, I was aiming for three miles, but I kept telling myself “just a little bit more” and ended up doing five miles. My pace was slow, but it was also pretty hot outside. I made a mistake by not eating the rest of the strawberry GU Chomps, even though I brought them with me. I still felt good overall during the run. No real tightness or pain in my feet or legs at all. But if I hadn’t run the whole five miles without any fuel or water, I probably could have performed even better.

As I wrapped up my run, it looked like the awards ceremony for the race had just ended. I wandered over to see if there were any refreshments left and there were. I grabbed some water and chowed down on watermelon until I didn’t think my stomach could handle any more. I also grabbed a couple bags of Popumz to take home with me. It’s weird, the only place I’ve ever seen Popumz is at races. They’re a good low calorie snack to munch on, but I don’t know if I’d go out and actually buy them.

I made a couple quick stops on my way home. First to the Asian supermarket to pick up a few groceries. Then to Rainbow Donuts Cafe for breakfast. I was going to splurge on a chocolate bismark… I figured I deserved it after running 8 miles. But unfortunately they were out. 😦

Now it’s time to get ready to head out and see Up. Gotta go pick up my must have movie food… Sour Patch Kids! Afterwards I’m planning to stop by Dick’s Sporting Goods to spend the $20 gift certificate that I won from the Adventure Run before it expires. It’s fun shopping when I don’t really have to spend my money!


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