Friday, January 30

Lunch: Lean Cuisine roasted chicken with lemon pepper fettuccini

Snack: Trader Joe’s rasberry dried fruit bar

Pre-Workout Snack: pear apple strudel Clif Bar

Dinner: eggs benedict (with hash browns and fresh fruit) and a bite of sausage and a bite of bacon from Black Bear Diner

Exercise: 5k run with warm-up and cool-down (I’m running again!)


Thursday, January 29

Breakfast: Orowheat whole grain & flax English muffin with nutella

Lunch: Lean Cuisine grilled chicken primavera

Snack: orange and two chocolate pocky sticks

Dinner: work holiday party at Different Pointe of View

  • Seasonal field greens – artichokes, Italian olives, roasted tomatoes, ricotta salada roasted garlic dressing
  • Herb marinated roasted petaluma organic chicken – fingerling potatoes, crisp pancetta, herbs, crimini mushrooms, roasted tomatoes with roasted garlic balsamic demi and stilton butter
  • Classic Tahitian vanilla bean creme brulee – fresh berries
  • two chocolate martinis

Wednesday, January 28

Breakfast: maple bar from LaMar’s Donuts

Lunch: blueberry cake donut from LaMar’s Donuts

(Yeah, not very healthy. Especially since I’m not exercising these days. But I’ve just been craving donuts a lot lately… so much sugary goodness.)

Snack: small Moroccan Mint (chocolate) tea latte (I had a contact meeting with a prospective Cornellian at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I only go there for these meetings and when there’s no Starbucks around. The drink was really quite good. I also had an enjoyable hour of conversation with the student so overall it was a good night.)

Dinner: 1/2 baked ziti (the last of the NYPD Pizza leftovers)

When can I run again?

I enjoyed taking a break from running and working out in general last week. It was nice actually having time to do stuff in the evening after work. But now I can’t wait to get back out and running again. Unfortunately I don’t know when I can. It seems like I pulled a muscle during the half marathon. I was just about recovered but then I went out for the hike on Sunday and I think I injured myself again. I wish there was something I could do but I guess I just have to wait it out. Grrr.

Tuesday, January 27

Breakfast: Orowheat whole grain & flax English muffin with nutella

Lunch: carnitas fajita bowl from Chipotle (yum yum!)

Dinner: Amy’s organic minestrone soup

Dessert: glass of vanilla soy milk and six Girl Scout Thin Mints

Monday, January 26

Breakfast: Orowheat whole grain & flax English muffin with cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse

Lunch: Arizona melt* and curly fries from Alexis Family Restaurant (*Ham, turkey, two kinds of cheese, and grilled onions on sourdough bread. It was supposed to have roast beef, but I substituted for ham instead. I also thought the menu description included lettuce and tomato, but I didn’t get any.)

Dinner: 1/2 baked ziti and 3 garlic knots (more NYPD Pizza leftovers)

Sunday, January 25

Brunch: chocolate bismark and blueberry cake donut from Rainbow Donuts on Cave Creek, vanilla soy milk

During the Hike: 20 oz of mountain blast Powerade

Dinner: asiago caesar piadini with grilled chicken (my first meal of leftovers from NYPD Pizza)

Snack: Trader Joe’s banana crisps

Dessert: vanilla soy milk and pumpkin cupcake from Scottsdale Bakery

Exercise: 1 1/2 hour hike (3.6 miles) at Lookout Mountain