Daily Report

Friday, January 30

Lunch: Lean Cuisine roasted chicken with lemon pepper fettuccini

Snack: Trader Joe’s rasberry dried fruit bar

Pre-Workout Snack: pear apple strudel Clif Bar

Dinner: eggs benedict (with hash browns and fresh fruit) and a bite of sausage and a bite of bacon from Black Bear Diner

Exercise: 5k run with warm-up and cool-down (I’m running again!)

Daily Report

Thursday, January 29

Breakfast: Orowheat whole grain & flax English muffin with nutella

Lunch: Lean Cuisine grilled chicken primavera

Snack: orange and two chocolate pocky sticks

Dinner: work holiday party at Different Pointe of View

  • Seasonal field greens – artichokes, Italian olives, roasted tomatoes, ricotta salada roasted garlic dressing
  • Herb marinated roasted petaluma organic chicken – fingerling potatoes, crisp pancetta, herbs, crimini mushrooms, roasted tomatoes with roasted garlic balsamic demi and stilton butter
  • Classic Tahitian vanilla bean creme brulee – fresh berries
  • two chocolate martinis
Daily Report

Wednesday, January 28

Breakfast: maple bar from LaMar’s Donuts

Lunch: blueberry cake donut from LaMar’s Donuts

(Yeah, not very healthy. Especially since I’m not exercising these days. But I’ve just been craving donuts a lot lately… so much sugary goodness.)

Snack: small Moroccan Mint (chocolate) tea latte (I had a contact meeting with a prospective Cornellian at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I only go there for these meetings and when there’s no Starbucks around. The drink was really quite good. I also had an enjoyable hour of conversation with the student so overall it was a good night.)

Dinner: 1/2 baked ziti (the last of the NYPD Pizza leftovers)


When can I run again?

I enjoyed taking a break from running and working out in general last week. It was nice actually having time to do stuff in the evening after work. But now I can’t wait to get back out and running again. Unfortunately I don’t know when I can. It seems like I pulled a muscle during the half marathon. I was just about recovered but then I went out for the hike on Sunday and I think I injured myself again. I wish there was something I could do but I guess I just have to wait it out. Grrr.

Daily Report

Monday, January 26

Breakfast: Orowheat whole grain & flax English muffin with cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse

Lunch: Arizona melt* and curly fries from Alexis Family Restaurant (*Ham, turkey, two kinds of cheese, and grilled onions on sourdough bread. It was supposed to have roast beef, but I substituted for ham instead. I also thought the menu description included lettuce and tomato, but I didn’t get any.)

Dinner: 1/2 baked ziti and 3 garlic knots (more NYPD Pizza leftovers)

Daily Report

Sunday, January 25

Brunch: chocolate bismark and blueberry cake donut from Rainbow Donuts on Cave Creek, vanilla soy milk

During the Hike: 20 oz of mountain blast Powerade

Dinner: asiago caesar piadini with grilled chicken (my first meal of leftovers from NYPD Pizza)

Snack: Trader Joe’s banana crisps

Dessert: vanilla soy milk and pumpkin cupcake from Scottsdale Bakery

Exercise: 1 1/2 hour hike (3.6 miles) at Lookout Mountain

Rumbly Tumbly

$50 of NYPD Pizza

In October I went to a training kick-off party for Rock ‘n’ Roll AZ. Unfortunately I was too late to get a reusable bag from SRP. But I was lucky enough to win a $50 gift certificate from New York Pizza Department which has 10 locations in the valley. Troy and I finally used the gift certificate this weekend. We had some fun determining how much food we could get for $50. In the end, we settled on:

  • Garlic cheese knots with alfredo sauce
  • honey BBQ wings
  • asiago caesar piadini with grilled chicken
  • traditional New York baked ziti
  • 16″ Vinny’s favorite pizza with homemade meatballs, Italian sausage, baked ham, mushrooms, and ricotta cheese

I definitely took advantage of the full value of the gift certificate because the total before tax came to $49.54. For some reason they didn’t ask us to pay the tax, so we walked away with a lot of free food.

I tried a little bit of everything tonight so I could taste it while it was “fresh”. (The closest location is about 20 minutes away so the food cooled a little during the drive home.) I really liked the garlic cheese knots. I was expecting them to be a little hard on the outside, but they were actually very soft. Like mini garlic-butter dinner rolls. They were tasty on their own, but even better with the alfredo sauce. The piadini was my other favorite item. It’s basically flatbread “filled” with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and chicken. The grilled chicken was very tender and there was a lot of flavor to the dressing. I only had a couple bites, but I bet it will still be good tomorrow for lunch or dinner.

I was really looking forward to the wings, but unfortunately they weren’t very good. I think they were overcooked, leading them to be dry and tough. More honey BBQ sauce would have helped a bit. The pizza wasn’t that great either. I’ve definitely had better. It was also dry and even a bit bland. The couple bites I had of the baked ziti weren’t bad. It’s hard to go wrong with penne pasta and cheese. I’m planning to have it on Monday and I think it’ll taste even better if I add some of the marinara sauce that came with the garlic cheese knots.

So overall I’d probably give NYPD Pizza a 2.5 out of 5. I’d go back and have for a meal of garlic knots and a piadini. But it’s hard to rate them higher than a 2.5 when they’re a pizza place that doesn’t have good pizza.


Shoe Mileage and Training

I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff on my to-do list, including finishing the race report. But for now I can at least cross off two items.

1) I calculated approximately how many miles I’ve run in my current pair of running shoes. My total came to 105 miles, but I’m going to round up to 120 since I could be missing a few runs. It was hard to remember how much running I did at the beginning of November, but I think my numbers are pretty close. I had been thinking that I would need a new pair of shoes for the Princess 1/2, but it seems like the current pair will last until March.

If I have time, I may still go a running store and see if they can recommend another style of shoe. Right now I have the Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 10. Initially I had them in a size 5, but they were irritating my toes and even caused one toenail to get all black and icky. So when I got new shoes in October, I moved up to a size 5.5. During short runs they’re fine, but after the 1/2 last weekend a couple of my toes were hurting pretty bad. So I don’t know if maybe I should move up to size 6 or if there would be another brand/style of shoe that would work better for me.

2) I also created a “training plan” for the time between now and the next 1/2. It’s actually not that much time. Only 6 weeks. My plan is to do a short 3 mile run on Saturday, followed by my long run on Sunday. That will help me get ready for doing the 5k followed by the 1/2 during Princess weekend. It’s also easier to run on the weekends anyway. During the week I’ll do my strength training at they gym on Mondays and Thursdays, and try to get in a 4-5 mile run on Wednesdays. For my long runs, I have the following distances scheduled: 4, 6, 7.5, 9, 6, then the 1/2. I’d really like to get a 10 mile run in, but I’m worried that would be pushing it. I have to find the balance between being ready and overdoing it. Now that I’ve completed a 1/2 marathon, I’m no longer worried about not finishing the Princess. Instead, my goal is to finish and feel well enough that I can walk around and enjoy WDW during the rest of my trip.

There are a bunch of local races that I’m thinking about doing. For the most part, the races are either for a good cause or in a location where I’d like to do a run. Luckily they fit in pretty nicely with my training schedule, except for the last week where I’ll do my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday.

February 7 – Chinese New Year “Year of the Ox” 5k
February 8 – Runner’s Den Classic Road Races 10k
February 14 – Two Sisters – One Heart Fundraising Event
February 21 – Heart & Sole 5k
February 28 – Foothills 10k
March 1 – Lifetime Fitness Run Wild 5k