Slow, but fast

There was a smaller than usual turnout at the track workout tonight so I was the third to slowest runner. By now I know that I can’t keep try to keep up with the others so I just pushed myself at my own pace. It was a hard workout tonight. We did 1000 meters, then 800 meters, then 400 meters. Then we repeated it two more times. Not everyone stayed for the third set but I decided to stick with it to the end. My times varied a little more this week than last. Overall I was probably around an 8:30/8:40 average pace. For the last 400 I was tired, but tried my best to keep going as fast as I could. I was breathing very hard when I finished. I was so surprised when the coach told me my time… 1:53. That was my best run of the night! Afterward I did a super slow one mile cool down in about 11:40.

I’m really glad that I’m doing these track workouts. It forces me to push myself harder than I do during my normal runs. Even though my legs are tired and my knee hurts, I feel good about how I did at the workout tonight.


1 thought on “Slow, but fast”

  1. Yay, congratulations on your speedy 400! That’s awesome!

    I’m going to my first track workout tonight, and I am totally nervous. The local running club is going to full of fast people!

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