Fun with race photos

I’ve been saving this for a time like now when I’m too busy to do a longer post. Back during the long Thanksgiving weekend I felt like doing some arts and crafts and ended up with the following…

I went with a Disney theme for this frame. I never realized before that race photos are usually vertically-oriented. It was really hard for me to find a photo I liked to fit in the bottom right corner.

I’m not sure where the inspiration for this collage come from. I think I just wanted to do something non-Disney and the Havasu Half seemed like a good race to commemorate since it’s still my half PR. I’m really happy with how all the elements came together.

Do you keep memorabilia from races? What do you do with it?


4 thoughts on “Fun with race photos”

  1. Very cool! I have all of my bibs and medals hung up like e mini version of your medal wall. I’ve thought about collage-ing of shadowboxing them, but I think I’d end up taking the whole apartment pretty quickly!

  2. I’m so lame. My race stuff is in a BOX in the CLOSET. I should get it out and do something with it because I really am proud of my accomplishments. Just lazy.

    I love your photos! You’re a cute racer!

  3. i have had frames made for 4 of my 7 marathons (got a little slack, plus they are like $300 each… ugh) but for smaller races — bibs, pics, medals, certificates kind of all just sit in piles or stuck in drawers somewhere. i would like to get one of those medal racks kind of like a coat rack? but for medals, and put all my non-marathon medals on it. your frames are cute!

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