Moving, Running

Decisions, decisions (and some free socks!)

It’s finally hitting home that I only have three weeks left before my move… and so much to do! I thought my experience moving from Houston to Phoenix would make things easier this time around, but Baltimore is a lot farther away and there are more decisions to be made than before. It’s like all my time is spent tossing around pros and cons in my head, and trying to reassure myself that I’m doing the right thing.

The biggest decisions were to sell my bike and car. While I like my bike, it just doesn’t really make sense to have a mountain bike in Baltimore, especially when I don’t even like mountain biking that much. I finally put my bike on Craig’s List last night.

It was harder to let go of my car because I’ve had it for almost eight years and A LOT of road trips. Even though there’s nothing remarkable about my car, it’s special to me. I had to force myself to think practically and accept the fact that it’s better to sell the car now than pay over $1,000 to ship it out to Baltimore where I’d be a little uncomfortable driving it around the city (and trying to parallel park) anyway due to the size. Also factoring into my decision was the fact that I had a buyer already lined up so it was a quick and easy transaction and I know my car is going to a good home.

On the bright side, it’s exciting to think about getting a new car. Since I’ve been wanting a Mini Cooper for a few years now, that was a fairly easy decision. But then I had to figure out the colors and features. The Mini USA website let’s you design and build your own Mini and I’ve been spending way too much time playing with it. Here’s what I think I’ve finally settled on… the blue looks a lot better in person than it does in the image.

With everything going on, I haven’t really been in the mood to work out. I’d feel a bit guilty about it, except that doing a half marathon every weekend kind of evens things out. But I did make the time to go to Road Runner Sports on Thursday for the monthly fun run. I have to admit that the main reason for going was in hopes of getting some free stuff. And it paid off because I was the first name called in the drawing. I actually won a free RRS top, but since I’m already stocked up on tops I switched with someone for socks instead. It was a win-win for both of us.

My third half marathon of the month/year was yesterday. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked, but I had fun. I think I want to add a fifth half to the schedule, but I’m still debating which to go with.

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon:

  • I did the Lost Dutchman 10k last year. It was neat, but nothing special really sticks out in my mind except the long walk from where I parked my car to the start/finish area.
  • The course is a scenic out-and-back. I thought I didn’t like out-and-back courses, but then Yuma wasn’t too bad so now I’m not sure. After London’s Run yesterday, I realized that “scenic mountain views” are nice for photos but otherwise don’t really make much of a difference.
  • The finisher’s medals are awesome!
  • RunningLaur and Rio will be there too.
  • Registration is $60 if I do it TODAY. Otherwise it goes up to $75.
  • Day of race packet pick up is available.

MasterBlock Half Marathon (associated with the IMS Arizona Marathon):

  • This race is located in a part of the Valley that I haven’t run in before. I’d kind of like to run someplace completely new. Part of the Lost Dutchman 1/2 course is the same as the 10k.
  • The course is a point-to-point. I think I like this better than an out-and-back. I don’t think the course is as “pretty” as Lost Dutchman, but there might be more to look at.
  • I’d have to park at the finish line and take a shuttle to the start. Good news is that the finish line is only a half hour drive, as opposed to an hour drive for Lost Dutchman.
  • No day of race packet pick up. I’d have to make a 45 minute drive to the Expo the day before the race.
  • Based on photos from last year, the medal is just a basic medallion.
  • Registration is $70.

Arrrgh. I can’t decide! Why do both races have to be on the same day?


3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions (and some free socks!)”

  1. I would say “Lost Dutchman” because it sounds like fun with friends. What did you end up deciding?

    Mini-cooper! AAHHH, that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you!

  2. Good luck with your move! Moving is so stressful; don’t worry about the missed workouts! plus, moving all those boxes def counts as exercise 🙂
    Thanks for the Sad Panda comment; funny thing is, James was telling me he wanted to resurrect the phrase! haha. I’m not too sure how much its gonna catch on…. haha

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