A look back at 2009

A lot has happened in my life in 2009. In January I ran my first half marathon. In April I set my half marathon PR that still stands even after five more races. In June I did my first duathlon at the happiest place on earth. In September I returned for the second Expedition Everest Challenge and while I didn’t do so well defending my title, I still had an awesome time. Then in December, I finished my eighth half marathon which qualified me for membership to the Half Fanatics. (More on that to come in another post.)

And of course in non-running related news, the last quarter of the year has been full of change. From getting sick, to being single again, to preparing for a major move.

But coming back to running, to me this photo really sums up how amazing a year 2009 has been.

(Okay, so there are two medals from 2008. But it’s still pretty darn impressive.)


4 Responses to “A look back at 2009”

  1. RioRuns Says:

    Wow- that’s a pretty amazing display! Congrats on a successful running year!

  2. RunningLaur Says:

    I love all your medals – you’ll have all sorts of new races to hunt down on the east coast now!

  3. kilax Says:

    Eight halves in one year?! You are an INSPIRATION!

    Love that wall of medals. Too cool!

  4. Lindsay Says:

    That’s a lot of racing! I love your medal display-very cool! Happy new year!

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