An Apple A Day…

I’m almost done with the next installment of my Vegas Race Report. But I’ve been a bit distracted the past couple days because…

My brand new laptop finally arrived!!! I ordered it on Cyber Monday and it took about 2 1/2 weeks to get to me. But I forgive it because I’m so head over heels in love with my new little 13″ MacBook Pro. I’ve been wanting a new laptop for awhile because my personal laptop (a first generation Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium) is over eight years old and while it still runs, it’s really slow. I mainly use it for downloading podcasts. I’ve been using my work laptop for blogging and photo storage, but it’s really not an ideal situation in case anything ever happens where I don’t have time to clear off my personal files from my work laptop. I thought about getting a cheap netbook, but I’ve always been an Apple fan and I just couldn’t resist the beauty (and ease of use) of the MacBook Pro.

The reason it took so long to arrive is because instead of ordering directly from Apple, I purchased it through my alma mater in order to take advantage of their educational discount. It was worth the wait because I ended up saving about $440! I debated for a long time whether I really needed a new laptop, and the savings was what convinced me to just bite the bullet and make the purchase. So that’s my tip of the day… after you graduate, check with your college/university to see what type of discounts they’re able extend to alumni and you may be pleasantly surprised.

When I get a new bit of electronic equipment (tv, video game console, laptop, etc.), instead of jumping right in, I’m the type of person who sits down and painstakingly configures all the settings to my liking. I unboxed the laptop on Thursday night, then yesterday and today I’ve been installing applications and getting things organized and set up. Oh, and I took a little time out to create a couple characters in Sims3. 🙂

One of the things I did today was hook my Garmin 205 up so I could download all of my training history. I’m really excited to start using the Garmin Connect service. I also installed the Garmin Training Center, but don’t like it quite as much. I’ll probably do a separate post about both, but for now here’s some proof of my speed-walking from Thursday night.

I don’t know how I got to be such a fast walker. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing the funny-looking arm swinging thing. It looks goofy, but it does help. Also, it’s easier to keep up a fast pace when it’s “only” a 5k. Tomorrow I’m doing a 10-miler so it’ll be interesting to see what my pace is like at that distance.

So one final thought to tie everything together here, and then I need to get some rest. For my new laptop, I’ve been looking at different accessories like a carrying sleeve and a keyboard protector. I kept asking myself “do I really need this?” and “is it really worth $25?” And ultimately I did buy a bunch of stuff because I want to protect my laptop and hopefully use it for another eight years. But then I had this realization today that it’s crazy how my priorities have changed in the last year. It takes me days to decide whether to make a $25 investment into the longevity of my laptop. Yet I think nothing of the fact that I’m going to pay $35 tomorrow so that I can walk for 10 miles. It was this weird “wow, when did that happen?” moment for me. How did running (and walking) become such an essential part of my life?

I had to stop and ask myself the same question… “do I really need to be doing all these races?” I could just as easily go out and do a long walk on my own. But I guess the way I justify it is that it’s an investment into my health and well-being. Without races I wouldn’t have as much motivation to work out as often. And participating in races is not only good exercise, but it lifts my spirit and makes me happy to be around other people with the same interest. As long as I can afford it, I’ll keep paying the registration fees. Some women collect designer shoes and purses, instead I collect medals and race bibs.


2 thoughts on “An Apple A Day…”

  1. I like your fancy new laptop!

    And I think computer stuff is way more worthwhile than shoes or purses or hats…or whatever else women buy.

  2. Very nice that you have a new laptop!
    I do the same thing with race fees – I really debate any purchase of like $5, but won’t think all that hard about a race 🙂 I need those bibs!

    And you’re walking at basically my running speed 🙂

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