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RnR Vegas Course Preview

I just stumbled across this awesome course preview video for the RnR Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. (There’s also a course preview for the full marathon.) This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, although it looks like the Competitor Group did a similar video for RnR San Antonio too.

Watching the video got me so excited about the course. It’ll be so much fun to walk along and see all the sights on the strip. I just hope I don’t get too distracted taking photos. (Note to self: remember to charge the camera battery.) Less than 48 hours until I’m on my way to Vegas!


2 thoughts on “RnR Vegas Course Preview”

  1. Wow- they did a great job with this route. You get to run the strip in both directions with some traffic control so you don’t have to worry about cars! Lucky runners! Have a great time this weekend and have a good time out there! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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