“It’s December Already?” Giveaway

The 4-day weekend definitely came at the perfect time because it gave me lots of free time to catch up and get stuff done. But just a warning… don’t expect the daily posting to continue. I have lots of things I want to blog about, but I also have work, packing and travel (for RNR Las Vegas!), and a bunch of doctor’s appointments to go to.

Anyway, one of the things I did over the weekend was lots of cleaning. I’ve been trying to stay busy so that I don’t spend too much time dwelling on being single and lonely again after an almost six year relationship. With Troy having moved out, I wanted to clean up the place and kind of make it my own. Also with the possibility of moving to Baltimore soon, I wanted to start getting rid of the unnecessary clutter to make packing easier.

While going through my “fuel” shelf in the cupboard, I realized that I have some products that are expiring soon that I’m not going to get around to using. Walking doesn’t seem to require as much fuel as running and I also don’t want to try anything new right now while I’m still kind of recovering. So since I hate for stuff to go to waste, I figured it’s time to hold my very first giveaway!

The “It’s December Already?” giveaway includes:

  • Pomegranate Blueberry FRS Healthy Energy Chews
  • Cran-Razz Clif Shot Bloks
  • Berry Blast Sharkies
  • 2 packets of Cool Citrus Cytomax Performance Drink
  • 50¢ off coupon on any Promax Bar
  • $1.00 off coupon on any two bottles of Talking Rain Activwater

(Note that the Promax Bar coupon expires at the end of 2009, and the chews/blocks have best buy dates of Jan. 2010.)

To enter the giveaway:

  • Required: leave a comment and tell me either 1) what’s your must-have piece of winter training gear, or 2) does your training plan/schedule change in the winter… why or why not? (You can also answer both questions and get two entries.)
  • Optional: leave a comment about your favorite thing to do during the holiday season and get another entry.
  • Optional: spread the word about the giveaway and get another entry if someone else comments that they heard about the giveaway from you.

The giveaway ends at 11:59pm MST on Saturday, December 5 Sunday, December 6. (Edited to extend deadline by one day.)


11 thoughts on ““It’s December Already?” Giveaway”

  1. 1) Hm…my must-have piece of winter training gear? Definitely my warm tights. I didn’t realize how freakin’ cold the Midwestern winter is until I moved to grad school. LAME.
    2) My training schedules changes somewhat in the winter, mostly because I’m more likely to stay in bed and push my run to the afternoon.

  2. Good idea! (I may be getting a ton of near-expired nutrition from work, so don’t worry about entering me in the contest though 🙂 )

    I really like my asics arm warmers I got from (super cheap) and then gloves. The gloves are perfect for the first few miles and then I can tuck them in my waistband when I’m warmed up.
    As for winter training, it seems to be when all the races are here, so winter is racing season – as long as I can pony up the money for race fees!

  3. lol – fun giveaway! hope whoever wins can use them up before they expire 🙂

    my favorite winter gear is a beanie/fleece cap – gotta keep my ears and neck (and head) warm! i do tend to hit the treadmill a lot more — mostly due to the lack of daylight. lately i’ve been wimping out on the temps too but i promise my first excuse is the darkness! 🙂

  4. Hey Lisa! Saw your blog on Mel Tall Mom’s blog!
    I’d love to enter the contest…
    My MUST HAVE winter running gear are arm sleeves. My routine TOTALLY changes in winter. I live in hot, humid South Carolina, so instead of having to get up and do my long runs before the sun comes up in the summer…I can run WHENEVER I WANT in the winter! yaay!

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