In one week…

I finally got back out to Reach 11 today for an 8 mile walk. It was nice and peaceful out on the trails, although I did see a handful of runners and bikers. For some reason all the bunny rabbits have disappeared though.

After my 10k walk on Friday, my front ankles were feeling  really irritated. I’m horrible at anatomy, but it’s the area that sort of makes a right angle where my foot meets my leg. I think it’s because there’s too much pressure pushing on my ankle there. It took me awhile to figure out the right combination of shoes and socks to walk in today. Luckily I have some old Features Light socks that are cut low enough to not hit the sensitive spot. (I can’t remember if I have the low cut or no show, but either way they fit well.) I also decided to try putting some foam under the tongue of my shoe to try and add some cushy padding. I did the first half of the walk with the foam and it was okay, but then for the second half I took out the foam and just tied my shoes kind of loosely and that worked even better.

So overall I did 8 miles in 2:03:28 which is a 15:26 pace. (Note that I did turn off my Garmin briefly and took a slight break at the turn-around point to adjust my shoes.) Other than the ankle issue, I felt really good. Which means that… I’m going to Vegas!

I still have the option to cancel my hotel room and get a credit for my flights on Southwest. But with how well my walks on Friday and today went, I’m finally 100% sure that I want to go. Even though today’s 8 miles is the longest walk I’m going to do, I know I can manage another 5.1 miles in 2 hours. (There’s a 4 hour course time limit.) The most important thing for me is going to be remembering not to push too hard. All I need to do is just finish… and then I’ll be a “Rock Star”!


3 thoughts on “In one week…”

  1. Woo! You’ll have to take plenty of photos during the race, since you won’t be horribly concerned about time.

    Your feet may swell more since you are walking too (longer time on them) so loosening up your shoes should be a big help!

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