Fall is here

Okay, so those of you who live up north are going to think I’m crazy… I walked out of work at 6pm, it was 84°, and I was cold. I guess fall is here in Phoenix.

I haven’t been feeling like running lately. I tried to run Tuesday, but only made it one mile before I had to stop for a bathroom break. My legs hurt and I just couldn’t muster up the will to go back out and keep running.

Tuesday, September 29 – 1 mile run (Adidas)

Tonight I headed out with the goal of completing four miles, which I did at an 11:17 pace. It took the first couple miles to get comfortable, but I felt good the last couple miles. That might actually be a bad sign. When I’ve had good runs prior to my last few races I end up not doing as well as I want during the race. I’ve been comparing it to the dress rehearsal of a play. Don’t “they” say that a bad dress rehearsal means the performance will go well?

Thursday, October 1 – 4.05 mile run (Saucony)

So this Sunday is the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon. I’m going to take it fairly easy again since I’m not really that well prepared for the race. I think the longest run I’ve done since Disneyland was the Fall Five Miler. Oh, wait. Actually there was the I-Did-A-Green-Run 10k. Anyway, my plan for the race is to follow a run/walk pattern right from the beginning and hope that it carries me through the 13.1 miles without feeling too horribly at the end.

Originally I only signed up for San Jose to qualify for the rock star medal. But after doing some research, I’m getting excited about the sightseeing aspect of the trip. There are some great restaurants in downtown San Jose within walking distance of my hotel. I have a list of seven possible places depending on what type of cusine I’m in the mood for. The Tech Museum of Innovation is just down the street and only costs $10 which includes admission to an IMAX film. I even thought about going to the ballet, but ruled that out because the performance starts at 8pm and I don’t want to be up too late the night before the race.

I’ve been wishing lately that I had a netbook so I could work on the blog while I’m traveling. I don’t know if it’s the most practical choice, but I’m really drawn to this Disney-branded netbook.


3 thoughts on “Fall is here”

  1. I have a net-book (8″ Dell). It’s kind of a pain to type on because the keyboard is so small, so I don’t plan on writing a novel on it. It is pretty handy though, and it wasn’t too expensive. (Maybe $400?)

  2. You know you’re a dedicated running blogger when you want a netbook to work on the blog at races!

    Have a great time in San Jose – no matter what, you’ll make it through the distance, and it sounds like a fun trip!

    Oh, and sweatbands. I always thought that wrist sweatbands were for people that had really sweaty arms (which I hadn’t come across in real life). Apparently, it’s for wiping sweat off of your forehead with your terry-clad wrist – which makes so much more sense!

  3. have a great sight-seeing trim in san jose and in the race! running races for fun is soo nice sometimes.

    i’m quite cold-natured myself but i don’t think i’d feel chilled at 84 🙂

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