Garmin alerts and an attempted tempo run

For Mica – I have the Garmin 205. I don’t know if it’s the same on the 405 or not, but this is how I do it. Go to Training, then Training Options, then Alerts. Select Pace Alert. Turn the Slow Pace Alert to Custom, then set your goal pace. One thing that seemed counterintuitive to me at first was the words “Alert Below” because it made me think, okay if I’m running at a 10:30 pace, then will I get an alert when I go below that to 10:25 pace? Which doesn’t make any sense because 10:25 is faster than 10:30. Maybe instead of “Alert Below” it should say “Alert Slower Than”.

Personally I wouldn’t use the pace alert at a race. Even if it didn’t end up driving me crazy, it might drive the people around me crazy. I know from experience how even the littlest things can be so annoying during a race. But then Tall Mom, you’re so speedy that there probably wouldn’t be anyone around you on the course to hear. Good luck in the 5k this weekend!

I started my workout a little later than usual yesterday, so I decided to just head straight to the gym and stick to cross training for the night.

Wednesday, September 16 – 30 minutes elliptical, 40 minutes strength training

Thursday, September 17 – 3.15 mile run (Asics)

Tonight I made my first attempt at a tempo run. From what I understand, a tempo run means that the middle portion of the run is supposed to be at a faster pace than the beginning and end. I don’t know if I really did it right though because my times are kind of all over the place. I did something new today and ran tiny laps around the block. Each lap is .35 miles so 9 laps = about 3 miles. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy, but I enjoyed the laps because it broke the run down into easy to manage chunks.

Here are my times:

  • Lap 1 – 4:09 (12:01 pace)
  • Lap 2 – 4:06 (11:45 pace)
  • Lap 3 – 4:17 (12:21 pace)
  • Lap 4 – 3:37 (10:21 pace)
  • Lap 5 – 3:44 (10:41 pace)
  • Lap 6 – 3:39 (10: 24 pace)
  • Lap 7 – 3:55 (11:05 pace)
  • Lap 8 – 3:52 (11:04 pace)
  • Lap 9 – 3:42 (10:29 pace)

Usually I walk for about 5-10 minutes as a warm up before my run. But tonight got me to thinking that maybe I need to try doing a short bit of jogging/running during my warm up. I felt like I could have done 3 more laps at the end around a 10:40-11:00 pace. Then, if I looked at laps 4-12 instead of 1-9, I would have a much better average pace for the 5k.

There probably won’t be any blog posts from me over the weekend because my sister is coming to town for a visit. Troy also happens to be out of town for a quasi family reunion, so it’ll be a fun girls weekend for us of shopping, sightseeing, and some good eats.

3 thoughts on “Garmin alerts and an attempted tempo run”

  1. Tempos are hard to get down! I understand them in theory, but every time I try, it’s a big fail.

    Thanks for the Garmin tips. I’ll probably still have to crack out my manual…I am confused. 😦

  2. Tempos are almost always a big fail for me too – I think it’s a mental thing that I’m not getting.
    Props to you for doing such small loops – I’d go crazy! I have to do out and back routes most of the time, so that I don’t quit and cut it short!

  3. Thanks for the nice compliment!! I will use the Garmin pacer soon…don’t want to miss my goal by 10 seconds GRR!

    So I have an Ipod Shuffle….the OLD versio with the clip in the back. I put in my ear buds and drop the Ipod down my back and under my Sports bra strap. Then I clip the shuffle to my shorts and tuck any extra cord in my shorts or back up in my bra. I don’t notice the Ipod cord at all with this technique..

    Hope you had fun with your sister..

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