Recent workouts

I suck at coming up with good post titles. I have the same problem with email subjects. ūüė¶

Monday, September 14 – 3 mile run (Asics)
Monday night was the start of my new resolve to push myself harder. I’ve been too complacent with focusing on distance. Instead of just getting in the miles, I want to have more quality runs.

I didn’t want to start off too ambitious so I set the pace alert on my Garmin to beep when I was slower than a 10:30 pace. Well, my watch beeped… a lot! I didn’t meet the goal, but it was still helpful because the beeping encouraged me to pick up my pace.¬†I finished the three miles at roughly 10:40 pace.¬†The last mile was tough because my calves were really hurting. I’ve been making an effort to spend more time stretching, but so far it’s hit or miss on whether it’s actually making a difference.

Tuesday, September 15 – 1 mile warm-up, 6x400s, 1 mile cool-down (Saucony)
I prefer to do my speedwork at the track, but that means I really have to plan ahead to get there with enough time to finish my workout before dark. I cut it pretty close yesterday. Instead of doing my normal 400m recovery between intervals, I just did 200m instead. The funny thing is that it still takes me longer to walk 200m than run 400m.

Here are my times for the 400s:

  • 2:09
  • 2:05
  • 2:06
  • 2:07
  • 2:08
  • 2:04

Normally I start out too fast on the first interval, so I’m happy to see such consistent numbers. If only I could run that fast for more than 400m at a time. After the¬†last 400 I headed into the gym for one more mile on the treadmill at 5mph.

I probably could have stayed out a little longer but I wanted to avoid the security guard who comes by to lock up the track. I’m sure he’s just trying to be friendly, but I don’t really feel like standing around making small talk when I’ve just finished a workout. Plus I find it a little creepy that he’s invited me to go hiking with him on more than one occasion. While I do want to check out some of the local hiking trails, I have no interest in doing so with a stranger. How do I say “leave me alone” without appearing outright rude?


3 thoughts on “Recent workouts”

  1. I’d totally avoid him too! I’d just throw out an ‘OkThanksBye’ and try to scurry off as fast as possible.

    The hiking here is really nice РI hope the fiancé and I actually go do some once it cools off (November?!?)

  2. I need to figure out how to set my Garmin to beep when I exceed my virtual partner pace. Do you have a 405? If so, how did you get it to beep when you run over 10:30 pace?

    I like your idea about quality running. I have to remember that quality>quantity.

    Can you tell the guy that you’re allergic to something in the woods?

  3. Lordy… Is he creepy looking?? I think I would find a new track.. Hehehe.. That is a good idea to have the Garmin beep for pace I always forget about that function. I wonder if it would drive me crazy on my 5k this weekend?

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