Last minute thoughts on tomorrow’s 10k

When I put together my training plan leading up to the Expedition Everest Challenge, I’m not sure why I had today down as a cross-training day when I have a race in the morning. I decided to do my bike ride last night after work instead.

Friday, September 11 – 13.19 mile bike ride in 1:05:15

I went out to Reach 11, spent a little time on the trails, then rode back home. I thought about taking the loop that we’ll probably be doing tomorrow at the race, but it was starting to get dark out so to be safe I stuck to my usual course that’s flat and wide. While I’m happy for the cooler weather now that summer’s ending, it sucks that it’s getting dark earlier.

So tomorrow is the I-Did-A-Green-Run 10k organized by the Arizona Road Racers. It’s been a few months since my last local race. Today I decided to follow the routine that I used last year when I participated in the ARR summer series.

  1. Rest the day before the race… check. I played about 5 hours of Super Paper Mario on the Wii.
  2. Eat a pineapple shrimp salad from Bajio Mexican Grill for dinner… check. I’m not really superstitious, but after eating one of these salads the night before my first race and doing better than I expected, I decided to make it my “thing” for all my races the rest of the summer. It doesn’t hurt that these salads are delicious. I get it with sweet rice, lettuce, corn salsa, tomato salsa, mango salsa, cilantro, shrimp and pineapple, and a crisp flour tortilla that I shred on top. All the flavors combine together perfectly.
  3. Try to eat dinner 12 hours before race start time… um… I read this somewhere on the Internet last year and figured it’s sensible advice. The race starts at 7:15am tomorrow, and I probably finished the salad around 7:30pm tonight. But then I snacked on part of a gingerbread Mickey for dessert… Oh well, it’s not like I’m going for a PR tomorrow anyway.

Last year at the I-Did-A-Run (the green theme was added for this year), I somehow managed to run the 10k in 57:10 and that’s still my 10k PR. Sadly, I know I can’t go that fast anymore. I’m thinking of shooting for around a 10:00 overall which would put my time at just over an hour. I’m also thinking about semi-racing the first 5k. With all my half marathons, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to really push hard at short distances. Going into the Expedition Everest Challenge, I’d like the mental boost of knowing that I can handle the pain of a “fast” 5k for 30 minutes. I’m hoping that the cool early morning weather will help, but I’m not counting on it since it didn’t seem to make a difference at RnR Chicago.

Well, it’s getting late so I better be getting to bed. Even though I don’t have to get up super early since the race is only about 10 minutes away from my house, I want to make sure I arrive on time rather than at the last second which seems to be the trend lately. I still have to pick up my race bib and timing chip in the morning, but also I’m meeting up with RunningLaur before the start. Yay! I’ve been following her blog for awhile and we’ve unknowingly done a couple of the same races so it’ll be neat to finally meet in person.


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