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September 11th Remembrance 5K and other ramblings

Thursday, September 10 – about 3 mile run in 32:36 (Saucony)

I went to another 5k fun run at Road Runner Sports last night. I think this is the fourth one I’ve been to so far for the year. The course is two loops on some relatively quiet streets behind the store. I did the first loop in 16:02, and finished in 32:36. My calves were a little tight during the run and I was definitely feeling sluggish coming up a slight incline at the end. But overall I think I’ve recovered nicely from the half on Sunday. Plus, I didn’t have any tingly/numb foot problems, which is a plus.

In the last couple weeks I’ve gone back to wearing my Saucony Hurricanes, with the laces loosened quite a bit in the front. It seems to be working out well so far. I like them because they accommodate my orthodics and just seem to be a good match for the shape of my foot. I also have a pair of Adidas that I’ve been using on and off since about April. Without the orthodics, they’re a decent fit but I’m not sure they’re giving me enough support on long runs. With the orthodics, my feet get irritated underneath my arches which is not a good thing. The third pair of shoes in my rotation are Asics. They’re a size 6.5 wide. Initially I liked the cushioning and the nice roomy feel. But lately it’s felt like they’re too loose around the ankle and my feet slide too much inside the shoes. I got the larger size to see if that would help with my foot problems, but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. I need to check whether I’ve passed the 60-day grace period yet because I’m thinking about exchanging them for something else.

Anyway, at each of the 5ks, the store also holds a raffle. Back in June I won a Road Runner Sports hat at the Summer Solstice 5k. Last night I got lucky again and won a Road Runner Sports top. I knew exactly what I wanted…

(Time for another side story.) As I was getting ready for the Disneyland Half, I realized that all of my race photos were starting to look the same because I’m usually wearing pink, especially at the half marathons. There was a cute top in blue with white and black accents at Road Runner Sports that I’d been eyeing for awhile. It was finally on sale, but the store didn’t have any smalls left. They had a small in white with blue and black accents, but I didn’t really want that one because I hate trying to get pit stains out of white tops. Happily the store was able to order me the top I wanted from another location. And I ended up buying not just the top, but a new pair of shorts and a skirt too.

Here I am looking stylish from head to toe knee in Road Runner Sports apparel (hat, top, sports bra, and skirt) during the Disneyland Half. (My shoes were bought from them, but so far I don’t have any Road Runner Sports socks yet.) The new top is lightweight and comfortable, but the best part is that there’s a pocket in the back which is super handy. I’m a big fan of pockets. I was able to carry my cell phone and a couple wet wipes, and probably could have fit a gel or two if I wanted.

Posing with "Cars" during the Disneyland Half Marathon 2009

So getting back to last night, for my free prize I picked another one of these tops in “lipstick” (bright pink). Now the only question is which race I should pick for its debut.

2 thoughts on “September 11th Remembrance 5K and other ramblings”

  1. I like the new outfit! I definitely get stuck in a color rut for my running clothes (and everyday clothes) by wearing way too much blue. We should meet up for a wardrobe swap, ha.

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