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Stupid bugs

Mmmm, I’m snacking on a yummy piece of gingerbread Mickey while I write this post. I love bringing home snacks from Disney to make the magic last longer.

Gingerbread Mickeys from Disneyland

I took an ice bath last night and my legs feel much better today. I even made it out for a short run tonight after work.

Wednesday, September 9 – 2 mile run, 20 minutes stationary bike, about 30 minutes strength training (Adidas)

This is the biggest of the blisters that appeared on my legs last week. I was going to see a doctor yesterday, but then it accidentally popped on its own. The rest of the blisters dried up and seem to healing. I still don’t know what happened. I was reading on WebMD and learned there are actually lots of things that can cause blisters… sun, spider bites, allergic reactions…

My icky blister

Unfortunately now I’ve got a new round of what I think are bug bites on my legs. I told Troy that tomorrow he’s got to spray around the house because I’m tired of being itchy all the time. Hopefully none of these turn into blisters, but if they do I’ll definitely go to the doctor’s this time.


8 thoughts on “Stupid bugs”

  1. Thanks for dropping in on the GIVEAWAY.. Have a wall of medals would be WONDERFUL!!!

    I have never seen a blister on a leg before…gosh I hope that gets better…

    Will check in on some of your other posts.

    Have a great day!

  2. my daughter has a bite just like that but she is only four. what made that on you and do you get it often?

  3. Hi , I realised like 10 min ago that I have a blister similar to yours that’s shown above do you have an idea of what it could be ?

  4. This may be a bed bug bite- I have one just like that, but have done some reading on it, and they say that usually bed bug bites come in groups of 3 (‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner’ pattern).
    Last week, I got quite a few, all at once on one place on my upper arm… So I cleaned, did laundry, and looked everywhere (but, no sign of the buggers). My friend told me to try diotomaceus earth, by putting some in a bottle (like a condiment squeeze bottle, with the nozzle type thing) and ‘puffing’ this soil all around- this is made with ground sea shells which will shred most insects, but is safe for mammals and plants (so don’t worry about your child, dog, or cat being hurt by the soil around your house).
    I figured it must have just been a hungry spider, at first, and a week went by and I got no more bites, and still didn’t see anything, no bugs, and I really looked hard.
    But, unfortunately, exactly one week later- I got a couple more bites- and one on my leg (near my ankle) started as a small, red bump, normal looking and feeling insect bite- but within ONE DAY it more than doubled in size, and blistered up exactly like your picture. During that day, it doubled in size again- the biggest blister/bug bite I have ever had, and is quite uncomfortable- very itchy, though I try not to scratch, and slightly painful when any pressure is applied.
    I hope it’s not bed bugs, but I don’t know… I just hope they go away and leave us alone- I don’t care what it/they are, just leave us be.

  5. Bed bugs are a member of the Hemiptera family, meaning that it has a mouth capable of piercing and sucking blood. While some bed bugs relatives feed off animals, the bed bug is not partial and will feed off humans or animals. The number of bed bug infestations is growing at alarming rates worldwide. The situation is no different in this country where bed bug control is becoming a primary job of many pest extermination companies.:

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