I’m back

Just a quick post to say I made it back safely from my long weekend at Disneyland. There will definitely be photos coming soon. I think both my races were personal worsts, but that’s okay because more importantly I had FUN! Out of all the half marathons I’ve done so far, I think this was my favorite. I enjoyed the bands and cheer squads more than at any of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races. And nothing beats having people actually cheer you on by name (because it’s printed on the race bib).

Despite my slow times, my legs are still pretty sore today. I don’t think it’s from the races so much as all the walking around the parks afterward. I really, really need to get a good pair of walking shoes. I’m hoping to be back up and running by this Thursday for another 5k at Road Runner Sports. Maybe I’ll be able to find some shoes there.

I finished writing up part 2 of my RnR Chicago race report in the car on the way to Anaheim, so I’ll probably be posting that tonight. On the way home I was too tired to do anything but nap.


2 thoughts on “I’m back”

  1. Welcome back!

    Are you doing the I-Did-A-Run this weekend? If so we should meet up!

    And think about maybe getting new shoes down at Scottsdale Running Company – it’s good karma to support the little guys. I might be able to find you the perfect shoes there while I work 🙂

  2. glad the travels went well and you had fun! i wish i could’ve done the disneyland race since i did disney world earlier this year (extra medal!) but it didn’t work out. disney races are definitely a blast from start to finish!

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