Just one more sleep

Tomorrow morning, Troy and I are hitting the road for a six-hour drive to Disneyland! It’ll be the third time we’ve made the drive from Phoenix to Anaheim this summer. Maybe we can make it without any wrong turns this time! Most of the drive is pretty boring, but I enjoy this stretch of windmills in California. There are so many it just seems to go on and on and on for over a mile.

California windmills

I can’t wait to see our friends again…

Me and Troy with Minnie, Goofy, and Mickey

Maybe this time we’ll even run into Eeyore. (These character photos are from Walt Disney World. I couldn’t find Eeyore last time we were at Disneyland.)

Me with Eeyore


My workout on Tuesday night didn’t go so well.

September 1 – about two mile run (Asics)
I went out earlier than usual while it was still pretty hot and sunny. It was really tough to summon up the energy to keep going. After struggling through two miles I decided to call it quits since Troy and his parents were waiting for me anyway to go out to dinner. I didn’t take my Garmin so I have no idea what pace I was going at, but I’m sure it was slooow.

Thankfully things went much better tonight.

September 3 – 4.43 mile run (Saucony)
Just when I healed from my injury from two Sundays ago, now I’m hit with another affliction. At least it doesn’t really keep me from running. I have no idea why, but these blister-like bumps showed up on my legs today. Yesterday I thought they were just itchy, red bug bites. But now the skin’s puffed up and seems to have fluid trapped underneath, just like a blister. It’s pretty disgusting looking, although I won’t let it stop me from wearing dresses and shorts over the weekend. I have no idea what it is because I couldn’t find anything online. So then I spoke to a nurse over the phone. She said it didn’t sound critical enough to go to an urgent care center immediately, but recommended I make an appointment with my doctor for next week in case it doesn’t go away on its own in the next few days.

Anyway, one of the bumps is right on my left ankle bone and it hurt when I put my socks on because of the pressure of the material rubbing on it. It also hurt during my warm-up walk. I tried I was a little wary of running tonight because I was worried that the bump would throw off my form and cause some other kind of injury. But thank goodness it actually hurt less to run than walk.

I ended up having a really good run. Everything just seemed to come together. I waited until it was dark so it wasn’t quite as hot outside. And I guess I did a good job stretching because my calves didn’t feel tight like they often do. At first I thought I’d just do my best to get through one mile. Then I figured I’d do 3.1 miles – a 5k. Then I felt so go that I decided to try for 4.4 miles which is 1/3 of a half marathon. My overall pace was a decent 11:03.

Now I’m feeling much better going into the 5k and half marathon this weekend. I’m still just planning to take it easy and have fun and make plenty of stops for photos. But now I think I can shoot for closer to a 2:30 finish instead of 3:00 finish.

So that’s it for now. I gotta go finish my packing so we can leave bright and early in the morning. Disneyland, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Just one more sleep”

  1. Have a safe and fun trip! Some times that drive can be rough – I end up guessing driving times inbetween the
    mountain ranges!

    Glad the injury’s feeling better, but I haveno idea what the blisters are, that’s really strange. Let’s hope they just go away!

  2. Have a safe drive and trip, and have a GREAT race!
    I have nothing helpful to say about the blisters…I can’t think of anything I’ve experienced that’s similar. I hope they go away as quickly and mysteriously as they popped up!

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