Time to get serious

After four days off I started working out again over the weekend.

August 7 – 3 mile run (Asics)
This was just an easy run around the neighborhood. 12:37 pace, although I did have negative splits.

August 8 – 16.99 mile bike ride
I rode to the Farmers Market to buy some soap, then did a little bit of exploring on the way back. It’s neat to keep discovering new bike paths. This time I went about 1/2 way down a path alongside a golf course before I decided it was time to turn around for the day. Overall 10.7 mph.

August 9 – 6 mile run (Adidas)
I went out to Reach 11 figuring the trails would be better for my feet, but my left foot still went numb around 3 miles in. Ugh. The first 3 miles were at between 11:33-11:40 pace. Then I started taking walk breaks, so the last 3 miles were between 13:07-13:16 pace. Still not too bad considering I ran a half marathon a week earlier.

If I end up going for my first marathon in January (at Disney of course), I’m thinking about trying a run/walk plan. But in the meantime I’ve got a different training goal for August and September… I can’t go into the details because it isn’t final yet, but I’m 99% sure I’ll be doing Disney’s Expedition Everest Challenge (EEC) on September 26. Since I’ve been focused on the half marathon distance for almost the last year, it seemed like a good idea to get in some short distance training.

I spent a whole bunch of time yesterday looking at different free training plans online. At first I was thinking about doing a 5k plan. But even though the first part of EEC is a 5k, there’s more running later during the scavenger hunt. So I ended up creating my own training plan loosely based on Hal Higdon’s 5k, 8k, and 10k plans. For the next 7 weeks, I’m adding in speedwork, tempo runs, and strength training during the week, and continuing with my long runs on the weekend.

August 11 – 4.5 mile run (Asics)
Tonight was my first scheduled speedwork session. I started with a 1 mile warm up, then did 6 x 400 intervals, and a half mile cool down. Between each speedy 400, I did a slow half walk/half jog 400. I didn’t do that well at keeping my intervals at a consistent time. In fact, I progressively got slower each time.

  • Rep 1 – 1:54.75
  • Rep 2 – 2:06.78
  • Rep 3 – 2:06.64
  • Rep 4 – 2:15.88 (not sure what happened here)
  • Rep 5 – 2:10.00
  • Rep 6 – 2:10.43

My Garmin was acting strange so my times might have been even slower. It was my first time programming my Garmin to do interval training and I think I did it right. But my Garmin kept beeping that I was done with my interval before I’d made it a full lap around the track. Oh, well. At least I can cross off my first completed workout on my training plan.

2 thoughts on “Time to get serious”

  1. A new training plan is very exciting!

    I keep thinking that Reach 11 would be a great place to run, it’s just really far from where I live 😦

    For the intervals on my Garmin, it does a 5 beep count down to the end of each interval. So the 5th beep is the end of the lap. Yours may be the same?

  2. The Disney EEC sounds interesting. I wish I lived closer to a Disney Park–preferably the same one as you, so we could do a racing event together.

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