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Disney and local races

Hi Mica and RunningLaur, my faithful readers. It’s a slow day at work so I thought I’d respond to your comments on my previous post.

Disney races are fantastic, especially if you’re willing to just relax and soak up the atmosphere instead of worrying about time. At the Princess 1/2 Marathon in March I had so much fun stopping to take my photo with the characters along the course. It made the 13.1 miles go by pretty quickly. (One of these days I’ll get around to writing up a belated race report about that trip.) I started running so that I could use races as an excuse to visit the parks, but now it’s sort of become more about the races. That’s because I’ve become addicted to collecting medals and Disney has some of the best “bling”. Check out these awesome Disney medals.

The only local race I’ve decided on for sure is the ARR I-Did-A-Green-Run… can’t beat free! I’ll also be doing some of the runs at Road Runner Sports, but in my mind they don’t really count as races. Unfortunately a bunch of the races I’m interested in are on weekends when I’ll be away, like the ARR Jerome Hill ClimbMoon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5k, and Runner’s Den/Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. Then there’s the weekend of November 14-15 where I’ve got to choose between one of three races: ARR Just Another Mad Dog 25k, Run From The Sun Half Marathon, or Aflac Iron Girl Tempe 10 Mile. I guess it depends where I am in my training that weekend. Local races are nice because of the cheaper race fees, but since there’s less planning involved I tend to wait until the last minute before committing.


4 thoughts on “Disney and local races”

  1. Cutest post ever!

    I love when medals are substantial too – it makes it feel more like it was worth all of the work!

    I haven’t planned any races after MCM since I don’t know how my legs will fair, and I don’t know if I’ll be living in the state! I’ve heard good things about Mad Dog – the ultra community is so different from the normal road racing crowd. I did the IronGirl last year, and it was really cool to run an all female race – it was so much more relaxed and fun – but it was expensive! They kept trumpeting that they have linens on the tables, fresh flowers, and gourmet food… but by the time I was done, and ran straight to the food tent, there was absolutely nothing left. Nothing. I was starved and upset that something so important was screwed up when there was extra attention on things that didn’t really matter. I also had to pay for parking! (oops, rant done!)

    Hope to see you at the Green-Run!

  2. Aw, thanks for responding to my comment! I kind of want to do a Disney race now, especially since the bling is so bangin’!

    Unfortunately, I live in the middle of the country, far away from all things Disney. Maybe I can swing a trip one of these days!

  3. Hi Lisa – I came across your blog and was intrigued because I just signed up for my first Disney race (Tower of Terror). I have a question – for the character photo ops on the race, do you need to have your own camera or are there photographers there? If you need your own camera, do they have people to take your picture? I’ve enjoyed reading your race reports!

  4. Hi Emily! You’ll have an awesome time at the Tower of Terror race. I wish I could be there with you! You do need to bring your own camera, but there will be cast members with the characters to help take your photo. Do you know about the website disneyrunning.com? You can find some great race reports and photos from all the Disney races there, including the Tower of Terror.

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