July 23  – 3.1 mile run (Adidas)
A pretty crappy run. I wanted to do 4 miles, but my feet went numb and I just didn’t feel like continuing on for another mile. I think I’m going to put a visit to Road Runner Sports on the agenda for the weekend.

July 24 – 13.64 mile bike ride in 1:08:20
I had a good bike ride tonight though. I haven’t been doing enough cross training the last couple weeks. I went out by myself and explored some new paved paths. It’s nice to keep discovering all these places to ride that are close to home. It’s cooled down a bit (I think the temperature is somewhere in the 90s), but I figured I better still bring along some water since I was planning to ride for an hour. I decided to use my new water bottle holder that I won at the Canada Day Rock 10k.

showing off my water bottle holder

showing off my water bottle holder

These photos are actually from the first time I used the water bottle holder a few weeks ago, but I never had a chance to blog about it. For biking, I like it better than Troy’s water pack that I’ve been using. It seems like the tube from the water pack is always in my way. It’s hard to see in the photo, but there’s a good-sized pocket on the left that’s big enough for my cell phone and a few gels or gummies. I haven’t taken the water bottle holder out on a run yet, but I get the feeling that it will bounce too much to be comfortable.

So this has nothing to do with training, but check out the ginormous bug that was crawling around our driveway. Wow! I’m glad it was outside and not inside!

Giant big


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