Early morning long run

July 16 – 4.05 miles (Asics)
I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up, but the run went relatively well. I created a new course around the neighborhood and it works out almost perfectly that 3 laps = 4 miles.

July 18 – 9 miles (Adidas)
For my long run, I wanted to give my legs a break from running on roads and sidewalks. So the obvious choice was the dirt trails at Reach 11. I stumbled out of bed around 6:3oam and it took almost an hour before I got out the door. (I can’t believe how dedicated I am to running. Most of the time I don’t even wake up for work until 7:30.) It was like getting ready for a race. Among other things, I had to charge my iPod and slather on a nice thick layer of sunscreen. Before leaving the house, I fueled up with a chocolate brownie Clif Bar and a shot of Verve.

Verve! Energy Shots

Remember back when I won a case of Verve energy drink? I got a follow up call from Donna asking how I liked it. I explained that it was okay, but I just don’t like carbonated drinks in general. She very kindly offered to swap out any of my remaining cans with Verve energy shots instead (they’re not carbonated). Since caffeine keeps me from a good night’s sleep if I have it too late in the day, this morning was the first opportunity I had to try out my new Verve energy shots. I like the small, sleek size of the 3 oz bottles. The taste was sharp but not horrible, especially since I downed it all in 2 1/2 gulps. Next time I’ll have to plan ahead and remember to refrigerate it beforehand to improve the taste.

Anyway, I finally started my run at 7:45. Supposedly the temperature is cooler in the morning because the ground hasn’t soaked up the day’s heat yet. But it was still hot, hot, hot outside. There was a lot less shade on the trail than I was hoping for. I had my water belt with one bottle of water and one bottle of Nuun again and alternated between them every mile or two. If I start doing even longer training runs, especially in the summer, I’m going to have to figure out another hydration option because 18 oz of fluids isn’t enough. At the turnaround point, about 4 miles in, I ate some Jelly Belly sport beans. I didn’t really want to, but knew that I probably needed the fuel to get through the rest of the run.

Somehow I managed to run the entire 9 miles in 1:48:32 (12:03 pace). I’m pretty sure the caffeine in the Verve shot helped with my energy level. I kept thinking maybe I’ll take a walk break at the next mile alert, but then just kept running, although I did slow slightly here and there. It was definitely a struggle to keep going at the end. I thought about stopping at 8 miles. But I kept going because walking back to the trailhead would take twice as long as running. I was so happy to be done. Thank goodness I had another bottle of cool water waiting for me in the car. I did my cool down by circling the picnic table in the shade from the nearby ramada.

Overall it was a really good run. The best part is that my feet didn’t go numb at all. (Although I do have a new blister and a sore toenail.) I don’t know what did it because there are too many possible variables. Was it wearing my Adidas shoes without orthodics? The cushioned Balega socks? The dirt trail? The combination of all three? I’ll have to keep experimenting.

After RnR Seattle, I couldn’t imagine attempting to run a marathon. But after my run this morning I’m starting to think again that I can do it. Ideally I think a spring marathon would be best so I can train through the winter. But I’m still considering the Disney Marathon in January just because it’s Disney.

On the way home, I was feeling good thinking about what I’d already accomplished by 10 in the morning. Then I realized I was actually up early on a Saturday morning and decided to take a short detour to the Farmers Market. I picked up all this great produce for under $20.

Successful day at the Roadrunner Farmers Market

The greens in the back are ong choy and choy sum. I love that I can get Asian vegetables at the local Farmers Market. I’m hoping that Troy will grill up the zucchini and eggplant for me (on the new grill we bought last weekend!). And the fruit is my attempt to eat healthier snacks this week.

Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as productive the rest of the day. My tumbly wasn’t feeling well so I spent most of the day on the couch curled up with a book.


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