Long run, short run, and a bike ride

July 11 – 7 mile run (Asics)
My goal for this run was to just get through the mileage no matter what. I started off pretty well, but really struggled at the end. It was a huge effort just to keep moving forward. I wore my Nathan fuel belt with one bottle of water and one bottle of Nuun. I was glad to have fluids with me for the long run, but I couldn’t tell if the Nuun made any difference.

July 13 – 1 mile run (Saucony)
I was going to do about 3 miles but only made it through 1. My Achilles tendons were killing me. I guess I should have taken another day of rest after my long run. Sometimes it’s a fine line between pushing myself and overtraining.

July 14 – 10.99 mile bike ride in 1:08:39
A blah ride. It was hot and I was tired.

In other news, I just posted my photos from the Canada Day Rock 10k. Next up I need to finish part 3 of the duathlon, then it’s on to the RnR Seattle race report.

Marlene from Mission to a(nother) Marathon is doing a giveaway in honor of her 500th blog post. I’d love to win a pair of recovery socks! Marlene’s story is really inspiring. Reading about how she ran 4 half marathons in 5 weeks makes my race schedule look normal.


1 thought on “Long run, short run, and a bike ride”

  1. I love doing a recovery run the day after a long run – but I have to keep it slow, or like your run, it’ll hurt and not be a good thing. Great job with all of the work outs!

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