Race Report

Canada Day Rock 10k in Photos

I was definitely camera-happy at this race, but I saw so many neat things that I wanted to share…

First up, just a quick reminder of what these photos are from: my trip up to White Rock, BC for the Canada Day Rock 10k on July 1. It was an inaugural race.

Rock 10k Banner

I arrived at the race pretty early and spent some time exploring. The race site was separated from the beach by some bushes and train tracks. After living in the desert for two years, I loved the view and smelling the salt water.

White Rock - View of Semiahmoo Bay

Before the start of the race, we heard performances of the Canadian national anthem and the Semiahmoo First Nation anthem.

Performance by Semiahmoo First Nation Representatives

Then someone (maybe from a local fitness club?) led the runners in a pre-race warm-up.

Rock 10k Pre-Race Warm-Up

This is the first of many hills in the race. Rather than use my energy trying to run, I decided to walk and take photos instead. For the first third of the race or so, Semiahmoo Bay was on our left and the town was to our right.

Rock 10k - The First Hill

I even veered off the course to get a better shot of these totem poles.

Totem Poles

1 km marker! I loved having the race marked off in kilometers instead of miles. It made the time pass so much more quickly.

Rock 10k 1 KM Marker

What a gorgeous view! The train tracks are between the blue fences. On the far side of the fence is a promenade walkway that goes for quite a while along the beach. If I lived in White Rock, it would be a great place to run.

White Rock - View of the Pier and Promenade

Along the way we ran past a bunch of really cute shops and restaurants. I wish I had had the time to stop and check them out.

White Rock Storefronts

This house looks like it’s playing dress-up, pretending to be a castle. I love it! I’ve always wanted to have a tower room with windows all the way around. It would be my reading room.

A Cute House in White Rock

More cute stuff… all the bus stops and garbage cans had pretty hand-painted artwork. Stuff like this just makes me happy.

Colorful Bus Stop in White Rock

This was the start of the really big hill. That just kept going up and up…

Rock 10k - Another Uphill Climb

And up and up… for almost 2 kms. We left the waterfront and were running through residential areas.

Rock 10k - Even More Uphill

The volunteers at the race were awesome. As evidenced by the car in the background, none of the roads were closed to vehicles, but the volunteers did a great job directing traffic. And almost everyone was cheering us on and offering words of encouragement. These two were the “best dressed” volunteers on the course.

Rock 10k Enthusiastic Volunteers

Yay, it’s finally time to run downhill. I was excited to see the water again because that meant we must be close to the finish.

Rock 10k - Finally, A Downhill

Only 1 km to go!

Rock 10k 9 KM Marker

The next two photos are courtesy of the Try Events Facebook page. I think it’s awesome that they pay to hire a photographer and make the photos available free. Yep, that’s right. Free.

Rock 10k - Almost at the Finish

Can’t stop now… gotta get my medal! 🙂

Rock 10k - Finished!

The finish area. The food is under the big blue tent.

Rock 10k Food Tent

In addition to the normal bagels, oranges, and bananas, there was yummy, yummy cake. I think it was white with a custard filling. There should be a rule that all races have cake at the finish line!

Rock 10k Canada Day Cake

Afterwards, we were entertained by local musicians while waiting for the awards ceremony. While the music was good, there was an awful long wait between the end of the race and the awards. I think this would be my one criticism of the event. Not that I expected to place, I was just waiting to see if I won a door prize… and I did!

Live Music for Rock 10k

Then I swapped my running shoes for flip flops and headed down to the beach. There was a sandcastle competition going on. See the pier in the background? I walked almost to where the pier meets the shore.

White Rock Sandcastle Competition

Getting closer…

White Rock - The Pier

That day I thought the water must have been freezing. I didn’t know how anyone could be swimming. But afterward I realized that I should have just waded in and pretended it was post-run ice bath!

White Rock - The Pier and Swimmers

This is the white rock that the town is named after. According to Wikipedia, it used to be white because of lots of bird poo. But now it’s just white paint. It took me awhile to screw up the courage to ask a stranger to take my photo. But I finally decided I couldn’t just leave without proof that I was there.

The White Rock

I walked back along the promenade to my car. Along the way I saw these pretty purple flowers and thought it would make a nice photo. I really like how it turned out.

White Rock - Pretty Flowers

This was my view for about half an hour, sitting at the border crossing waiting to go home. And once I got past the stoplight, I had another half hour wait. Ugh. The Peace Arch on the left sits right on the border between the US and Canada.

Peach Arch and Border Crossing

Eventually I made it home after my international running adventure. All in all, it was a fantastic day. Gorgeous, sunny weather, a well-organized race, and another medal. What more could I ask for?


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