Recent Workouts

July 3 – 1.9 mile run
I did this run 2 days after the 10k while I was still in Washington. It was 2 loops on a gravel track that borders the high school ball fields. I remember there was a time when I could barely do 1 loop, but I also didn’t know how to pace myself then and was probably starting out too fast.

July 7 – 3 mile run (Asics)
Whew, this was a slow run. 12:10 pace. I need to readjust to running in the heat.

July 8 – 10.89 mile bike ride in 58:14
My legs had to get used to biking again after taking two weeks off. At least I still remembered how to shift and stop. It was nice going out for a ride with Troy, but I was breathing so hard that we didn’t get to talk much.

July 9 – 3.41 mile run (Saucony)
A better run than Tuesday. 11:26 pace. It seemed a little cooler out tonight. Only 98° or so. I tried to set little goals for myself… pick up the pace until that light post/bus stop/tree. I think I could be pushing myself more on my runs.


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