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Canada Day Rock 10k – Part 2

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A new day, another hour of Internet access! Time to wrap-up my Rock 10k race report.

Just to clear things up, I’m not Canadian. I grew up in Washington State near the Canadian border and my family is used to crossing over into Canada relatively frequently for various reasons. Mostly to buy Asian produce and meat, but when I was little and it was easier to cross the border I guess we used to go swimming up there. I don’t really remember it, but I’ve seen the photos to prove it.

When I signed up for the RNR Seattle 1/2 marathon, my plan all along was to combine it with a week at home visiting my parents. But initially I didn’t realize that I’d be out-of-town for the 4th of July. Since I was going to miss the local 4th of July race back in Phoenix, I decided to look and see if there were any races going on near my hometown for the 4th. When that didn’t turn up and results, I expended my search to Canada and found the Rock 10k. Since I was on vacation for the week with no real plans, it wasn’t a big deal to drive up to White Rock on a Wednesday morning for a race. Ideally I would have preferred a 5k distance. But the fact that it was close to home, an inagural event, and included a finisher medal sucked me in and I paid my $40 (Canadian) to participate.

So getting back to the race report… I crossed the finish line with an official time of 1:10:09, an 11:17 min/mile pace or a 7:01 km/mile pace. It’s better than I expected to do. The downhill portion of the course definitely helped me make up some time.

After getting my finisher medal (yay!), I wandered over to check out the post-race festivities. Along with the usual spread of bananas, oranges, and bagels, I was eager to have my piece of the Canada Day cake (yummy!). They also had live entertainment set up with local singers and bands performing. I chatted with various people, but eventually got a little bored being there by myself. I was thinking about leaving, but the MC kept teasing that more door prizes would be given away soon. So I stuck around. With only 250 race participants, I figured I had a decent chance of winning a prize.

Finally, just before the awards ceremony the MC read off a string of about 10 names and I was one of them! Woo-hoo. They had a bunch of stuff laid out and I basically got to pick my own prize. Actually, a lot of people had left by now so they ended up letting me have two things. I chose a race number belt and a water belt that holds a full size water bottle. I’ve never considered that style of water belt before, but I look forward to trying it out. The prizes were courtesy of the Running Room, which I think is a chain of Canadian running stores like Road Runner Sports or Fleet Feet.

I felt bad not sticking around for the awards, but I’d already been gone longer than I planned and I still wanted to get in a glimpse of the “white rock” before I left. So I took off for a walk along the beach. It was a such a beautiful day and I loved walking on the sand and smelling the salt water in the air. The white rock was anti-climatic, but at least I can say I’ve been there, done that. I walked back to my car along the boardwalk which was also really nice. I bet it’s a popular place to go running for the locals when it’s not so crowded.

The only downside for the day was that it took over an hour of waiting at the border crossing to get back into the US. Ugh. But it did give me the opportunity to sort through my goody bag from the race (mostly ads for other races, but a couple good magazines and a sample of an electrolyte supplement) and do some reading.

Overall I had a fantastic time and it was fun getting to be an honorary Canadian for the day. Next time I go home for a visit, I’ll definitely look for another race across the border. I guess now I can say I’m an international runner!

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