RnR Seattle Results

Well, I’ve finished half marathon number four. According to the official results, I finished in 2:12:01 at a 10:05 pace. According to my Garmin I actually ran about 13.3 miles which puts me at a 9:56 pace. I like the sound of the Garmin results better (under 10 minute miles!), but I’m happy with my official time. One of these days I know I can beat my PR, but I need to get in some consistent training and more long runs first.

I took a ton of pictures on Friday, but can’t upload them until I get back to Phoenix. I’m also still waiting to see the official ASI photos. I really hope there was at least one good one or I won’t have any photos of myself from the weekend.

I felt great after the race. A little tired but not too sore. But now it seems like I may have overdone it with all the post-race walking. When I woke up Sunday morning my legs were so stiff. Even today (Monday) I’m still having a hard time walking up and down the stairs. I’m hoping it’ll wear off by Wednesday because I signed up for the 10k in White Rock, BC and I don’t want it to be my first DNS. I’ll walk the entire 6.2 miles if I have to, but I’d rather run.


2 thoughts on “RnR Seattle Results”

  1. Congratulations! That’s a great time! I hope you get some good photos too–though that seems to be impossible for all runners. :-/

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