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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

  • Feet went tingly and numb only 1.5 miles in yesterday while wearing the Sauconys. Had better luck with the Asics today. So hot outside!
  • Just finished packing for my week back home in Washington. Such a full suitcase, but I don’t want to forget anything I might need for the race.
  • Enjoying a yummy cupcake as I blog. Can’t think of a better way to wrap up a long day.
  • My plan is to leave work tomorrow around 3 and leave for the airport around 4:30.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle

  • Going to the Expo on Friday. Expo is about 2 miles away from my aunt’s house. A little far to walk but it seems silly to drive and pay $20 for parking. Hmmm.
  • Probably going with the new Asics for the race. I’m a little concerned about wearing new shoes for 13.1 miles, but Lisa at Road Runner Sports didn’t seem to think it would be a problem.
  • Also thinking about wearing the new Road Runner Sports hat. Tried it out tonight and liked how it kept my hair out of my face. The hat will go well with my race outfit.


  • Limited or no Internet access the next couple days, but hope to start going to the public library starting Monday. There’s a one hour time limit for Internet use per day.
  • I may do a 10k on Canada Day (July 1). It’s right across the border and registration includes a free pair of socks and a souvenir finishing medal. Am I crazy for considering it so soon after the 1/2?

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