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New shoes, same old problem

I went to Road Runner Sports this morning and left with a new pair of shoes. An employee named Lisa helped me with some input from Rod. She recorded me running on the treadmill barefoot. It was an odd sensation. The assessment was that I actually don’t over pronate all that much. The shoes I’ve worn and tried up until now have all been in the support category. But Lisa suggested I try a firmer shoe in the netural category because the support shoes might be causing me to run with an unnatural form. In theory, the combination of neutral shoe and my orthodics should be enough to give me the support I need. After trying on a few different pairs, I picked the Asics Gel Nimbus 11. The video showed that they seemed to be a good fit.

Asics Women's Gel Nimbus 11

While at Road Runner Sports I decided to try on some clothes. There are some new tops that I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Unfortunately, they’ve changed the cut on the new styles for this season and they don’t fit me well anymore. I’m disappointed but at least it’ll keep from spending more money there. I’m glad I stocked up last year on the sleeveless tops.

I did my long run tonight at the track with the new shoes. Sadly, they didn’t seem to make a difference with my tingly foot problem. It started again in the left foot at 2.5 miles and while it wasn’t horrible, it lasted through the rest of the run. So I guess I’ll be making another stop at Road Runner Sports sometime in the next few days. Overall though, I did like the feel of the new shoes.

Tomorrow I’m going to make an attempt to start my race report for the duathlon. So stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “New shoes, same old problem”

  1. Hope they shape up for you in another run or two.

    I’ve had tingly feet after just about 2 miles before, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t know how I got it to go away – which is a lot of help. I think it was just a phase with my feet. Hopefully it gets better!

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