Race Report

Summer Solstice 5k

I went to another 5k at Road Runner Sports tonight. I have to admit, my main reason for attending was the post-run raffle. But it was also as good a place as any to do my run for the day, and I probably pushed myself a bit harder than I would have on my own.

On the way over to Road Runner Sports, I ate a bag of Jelly Belly sport beans that I picked up at the Expo last weekend. Normally I like Jelly Belly jelly beans (my favorites are root bear and toasted marshmallow) but the sport beans seemed too artificially flavored and left a weird aftertaste in my mouth. I didn’t really notice the sport beans making a difference in my performance, but then it was so hot outside that maybe the boost from the sport beans and the lag from heat canceled each other out. The run started at 6pm and it was probably about 90 degrees and very sunny.

We ran the same course as before – two loops around the neighborhood behind the store. The Road Runner Sports runs have been added to the Arizona Road Racers event calendar, and I think it helped bring out more people. There were more adults and only two young girls tonight as compared to the last time I went when probably more than 50% of the participants were kids. Almost everyone started out quickly and it was a little disheartening to be running at such a slow pace comparatively. But I had my iPod to keep me company and tried to just focus on my own running. I’m happy to report that I was only passed once, and I passed four people along the way.

According to the Garmin I ran exactly 3 miles, and the store employee clocked me at 30:06. So a decent 10:02 pace. It’s been awhile since I’ve run this early in the evening and in such hot weather. I was soaked in sweat. It was literally dripping off my face onto my top. Pretty gross.

Then it was time for the raffle… I was the first name drawn! I was hoping for a Road Runner Sports top, but I won a hat instead which I’m still happy with. It’s awesome to win something just for attending a free run. I’m normally not a hat person, so it took me a little bit to make a decision. I tried a visor, but didn’t think it really suited me. The pink hat was cute, but I figured white would coordinate better with most of my running clothes. I was probably a bit swayed because the white hat looked really good with the white shorts and white and pink top I was wearing at the time.

I made Troy take this photo of me so I could post it here. It’s not the most flattering angle, but at least it sort of shows off the hat. It’s more comfortable than hats I’ve worn in the past, and the back has a velcro strap to adjust the fit. I’ll probably take it out this weekend on my long run to really test it out.

new Road Runner Sports hat

Oh, I almost forgot. At the end of the run, my left foot went numb again. Since I was there, I decided to talk to one of the employees about the problem and see if she had any suggestions. The first employee wasn’t too helpful, but then I talked to Rod, one of the store managers, and he seemed more knowledgeable. He thought maybe I needed more support in my shoes. Not arch support, but something to keep my foot from bending so much when I push off the ground. He said tonight wasn’t a good time because my foot might be a bit swollen from the run, so I’ll try to stop in at Road Runner Sports over the weekend to explore my options. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this may finally be the right solution.


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