Bunny, bunny, giant bunny… snake!

Troy and I went out for a bike ride at Reach 11 tonight. It was a tough workout. We did a bunch of hills. Good practice for Sunday, but so tiring.

There’s a lot of wildlife out at Reach 11. Usually we see lots of bunnies, quail, and other birds. Today I saw a rattlesnake for the second time. It was stretched out instead of curled up and looked like a stick on the trail. I only noticed it at the last second as I rode past.

Yesterday I ended up getting a padded mat at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s something I’ve wanted for awhile because we have all hardwood floors which are not comfortable for sit down stretching. It was $30, but with my gift certificate I only had to pay $10 out of pocket.

Up was fantastic. I teared up at least twice. But I think I’m too old for sour patch kids. It feels like they burned off the top layer of my tongue. It still feels weird today!


One Response to “Bunny, bunny, giant bunny… snake!”

  1. Mica Says:

    Whoa, you saw a rattlesnake! That’s intense/terrifying!

    I cried SOOOO many times during “Up”. The old people montage? So many tearsssss. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who cried…

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