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Bunny, bunny, giant bunny… snake!

Troy and I went out for a bike ride at Reach 11 tonight. It was a tough workout. We did a bunch of hills. Good practice for Sunday, but so tiring.

There’s a lot of wildlife out at Reach 11. Usually we see lots of bunnies, quail, and other birds. Today I saw a rattlesnake for the second time. It was stretched out instead of curled up and looked like a stick on the trail. I only noticed it at the last second as I rode past.

Yesterday I ended up getting a padded mat at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s something I’ve wanted for awhile because we have all hardwood floors which are not comfortable for sit down stretching. It was $30, but with my gift certificate I only had to pay $10 out of pocket.

Up was fantastic. I teared up at least twice. But I think I’m too old for sour patch kids. It feels like they burned off the top layer of my tongue. It still feels weird today!


1 thought on “Bunny, bunny, giant bunny… snake!”

  1. Whoa, you saw a rattlesnake! That’s intense/terrifying!

    I cried SOOOO many times during “Up”. The old people montage? So many tearsssss. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who cried…

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