Thumbs up for strawberry GU Chomps

Well, I answered my own question. Troy and I went out for a bike ride at Reach 11 and I had four strawberry GU Chomps about 1/2 way through. My stomach didn’t have any problem handling the chomps without water. And they were pretty tasty, too!

We spent a little bit of time working on hills. It was hard, but I’m feeling a lot more comfortable shifting gears on my bike. Today was sort of like a dress rehearsal for next weekend because I wore the top, skirt, and shoes that I’m planning to wear during the duathlon. I’ll look a lot like the picture below but with a plain black BondiBand and a pink bike skirt in a slightly different shade. I love this top from Road Runner Sports because of the large zippered pocket in the back. It’s the perfect way to carry fuel during a race.

Disney's Princess 1/2 Marathon

I was planning to do a full run through including the 1.5 mile run before the bike ride, but ended up doing just the bike and second run. I think the chomps did their job because my legs felt better today then they ever have before during a run. My first lap was at 9:41 pace and the second lap was at 9:57 pace.

It’s time for bed now because I’ve got to get up early for the Run For Vania 5k tomorrow morning at 6:30. With RnR Seattle coming up I really have to get in a long run so I’m going to do some extra miles after the race, and maybe even 1 mile before. Then Troy and I have plans to see Disney/Pixar’s Up tomorrow. Yay, I can’t wait!


1 thought on “Thumbs up for strawberry GU Chomps”

  1. I’m glad the Chomps worked out for you! I think they’re really tasty and have to refrain from eating them when I work at the running store!

    Cute running outfit!

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