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Bike Fitting

I’ve been thinking for awhile about getting fitted for my bike because I never quite felt comfortable while riding. Troy has been giving me tips which have helped, but I also wanted a professional opinion. The thing holding me back was the $75 cost, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and went in to DNA Cycles for my fitting tonight.

The guy who helped me was named Ted. First he put my bike on a trainer. We talked a bit about any specific problems I was having and why I wanted to get fitted. Then he watched me ride and made minor adjustments to various parts of the bike. It turns out I was right and I needed to have my seat a little higher. The other major change was to the position of the brake levers – now they’re easier for me to reach. I really appreciated all the little tips Ted offered, such as moving my hands in on the handlebars and advice on turning.

The best part was that in the end it turned out I didn’t need to pay. Ted said that because my bike was from their store, the fitting was free. This is because they want to ensure their customers are happy with their purchases. Isn’t that awesome? Troy bought a couple things before we left because we felt bad leaving empty-handed after all the time Ted had just spent with me. I already liked DNA Cycles, but this great customer service makes me even happier that we bought our bikes there.

I was excited to see how my bike felt so after we got home I headed back out for a ride. I rode part of the route that I’d have to take to ride to work. Other than one hill, it’s a pretty easy route. I can’t say that I noticed a significant difference in how comfortable the bike felt, but I think it was a little better.

Just one week left to prepare before my first du!

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