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National Running Day

I’ve been reading about National Running Day on various blogs all day today. I was planning to wear a race shirt to work, but forgot. I did “participate” though with a run tonight.

I was planning to go to the track tonight. But when I got home from work, Troy asked if I was hungry, which I was. So he made chicken tacos for an early dinner. While he was cooking, I took a walk over to Albertsons to pick up some salsa. We started watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition while we were eating and I got hooked into watching the whole two-hour show.

It was 9pm before I started getting ready to run. Since the community college track is locked at sunset, my only option was to run along the road. Troy was worried about me running so late at night, which was really sweet. He asked how far I was going (the plan was three miles) and said he’d come with me. At first I thought he was kidding because he has bad knees and has always said no way whenever I suggest he run with me. But he was serious!

I started out a little slower than usual and he stuck with me for the one mile loop around the neighborhood before calling it quits. I went out and back down the road (one mile each way), then decided to do one more one mile loop in the opposite direction. (I think it’s good to have balance in my running. When there’s no one at the track I often run clockwise so I’m not always doing laps in the same direction.) So overall, I did just over four miles – one mile for each taco I ate. 🙂

It’s amazing how good it feels to run on fresh legs. (Well, legs that haven’t just been cycling for 8+ miles.) Plus the weather was nice and cool, relatively speaking. It was 87 degrees, but felt very comfortable to me since there was no additional heat from the sun. I didn’t have my iPod so I tried to play little games with myself… Okay Lisa, pick up the pace until that road sign. I thought I was running fairly quickly, so I’m a little disappointed that my Garmin didn’t reflect my supposed speed. My overall pace was 10:49.

It stinks that I feel like I haven’t really made any progress since last year. I’ve heard some people say that beginning runners shouldn’t worry about speed. By working on endurance, the speed will come. Then I’ve heard some people say that it’s hard to run fast 5ks while training for longer distances because they’re two totally different events. But right now I don’t feel like I have the speed or the endurance. Ugh. I’ve got to keep thinking positive and remind myself that I’ve already run three half marathons. And I’ve WON two events. Not everyone can say that. I should be happy that I can even run at all.

I’m glad it was National Running Day today because otherwise I would have been very tempted to skip my run tonight. Instead, I got in a decent four mile run, and I even got to run with Troy for one mile. (Although I think he’s probably going to stick to cycling from now on.)


1 thought on “National Running Day”

  1. I have only now (after three years) started working on speed. I think it’s true that speed comes with endurance, though probably not as much as with speedwork. When I started training for the Half in the winter, my pace/mile dropped significantly. Who knows. Running is odd that way.

    That’s nice Troy ran with you, if only for a mile.

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