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Another brick workout and photos

Troy and I went out for a bike ride tonight. The route we took offered a little bit of hillwork. They were small hills so it wasn’t too difficult. When I’m cycling I really need to watch the road and think ahead since I’m still getting used to shifting. It takes more brainpower than running. I downshifted on the hills which made it easier, but I don’t like the feeling of pedaling so much without seeming to go anywhere.

The ride started and ended at our house. Afterward I decided to head back out for a run. Instead of going around the neighborhood, I ran down the road to the end of the block which is just a little bit under a mile. I wanted to try and do two miles but figured that if I was too tired I could just walk the rest of the way back. I took longer than usual during the “transition” from bike to run and even did a few stretches. I think it made a difference during the run because the last couple brick runs I felt like I could barely lift my feet off the ground. But today wasn’t too bad and I completed all two miles. I’ll have to consider making time to stretch during the duathlon. The first mile was about a 10:40 pace, and the second mile was about an 11:00 pace. Slow, but at least I know I can run the full two miles after biking.

I forgot to grab my iPod before the run so I had plenty of time to ponder. I’m still debating how best to fuel during the duathlon. I’ve been trying to come up with fuel options that don’t require being washed down with water. I considered a shot of Verve! but that just gives me caffeine and no fuel. Someone on the DisBoards mentioned that she uses fun size Snickers bars but I don’t like peanuts. I’ve been wondering whether a Milky Way, Twix, or Butterfinger would work just as well. Right now it seems like my best bet is to go back to the original plan of using Clif Shot Bloks, and I’ll just have to wear a camelbak for water.

I finally hooked up my camera to the computer, so here are some photos from the past few days.

First, a couple photos of my coconut pudding bars. I obviously need to work on my food photography skills. The bars in the pan were leftover from the office potluck. It’s not that the bars didn’t taste good, we just have a small office. Everyone seemed to like them. I hope they weren’t just trying to be nice. I found the recipe through a Google search so I’m happy they turned out well. It was so easy that I’d even attempt the recipe again, although I’d probably leave out the nuts in the crust.

Hawaiian coconut pudding bars in the pan

Hawaiian coconut pudding bar

I also have a few photos from the baseball game on Sunday. Here’s Troy and me all decked out in our Mariners gear. We definitely stuck out among the sea of red at the game. The photo is taken on the opposite side of the stadium from our seats. Before the game started we did about three laps around the stadium to pass the time and scope out all our food options.

Troy and me showing our support for the Mariners

And here are a couple photos of the view from our seats. We were right behind the Mariners bullpen. I have no idea what the significance is behind the helmet in the bottom photo. I wondered about it through the entire game.

 View of Angel Stadium from our seats

The Mariners bullpen


1 thought on “Another brick workout and photos”

  1. Sorry I was MIA in the comments section for two weeks! I’m back!

    Those lemon-pudding bars look fantastic, and you look adorable all decked out in your fan gear!

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