Disney, Training

Hill time

It used to be that weekends were my consistent training days. But lately I’ve been doing better on weekdays. I was out of commission last weekend recovering from my fever. But I did pretty well during the week with a bike ride Monday, a run Tuesday, and two brick workouts – one planned and one unplanned.

I didn’t have a chance to workout on Thursday because I had to cook something for Hawaiian Day at work. I made coconut pudding bars using a recipe I found online. I thought they turned out quite well and they were pretty easy.

Anyway, over the weekend Troy and I drove out to Anaheim. Well, he drove. I napped and played Animal Crossing. The main point of the trip was to see the Mariners play the Angels at Angel Stadium. Of course we were cheering for the Mariners, but unfortunately they lost at the last minute after having the lead for most of the game.

We stopped by Downtown Disney a couple times. First for dinner on Saturday night. We ate at the Jazz Kitchen Express which was okay, but we’ll probably try someplace else next time. Then we went back on Sunday afternoon to pick up some kettle corn as a snack for the drive home. It kind of stinks to have been that close to Disneyland and not be able to go in the park, but it was still fun to walk around Downtown Disney. And we’ll be back again in a couple weeks.

I also took the opportunity to check out the bike course for the duathlon. I’m going to have to work on hills and corners for the next couple weeks. I brought along my running shoes, hoping to maybe run the bike course or along the Santa Ana River bike trail, but there just wasn’t enough time. The drive out to Anaheim was a lot longer than I expected.

So I finally got out for another run tonight. I took a route that I haven’t done in months. It’s a 2 mile out and back that goes over a pretty big hill. My pace was slow, but I ran the whole time, even up the hill. The hill wasn’t as bad as I remembered. It actually felt kind of good to be working different leg muscles. I had to do the silly jogging in place dance a few times while waiting for the signals to change. That’s the worst part of running on the road instead of the track or trail. My total run was 4.25 miles in 51:59, a 12:15 pace.


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