No ARR Summer Series for me

Last year I did all five of the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series 5ks. Since I was still just getting into running, it was nice to have a goal to work up towards every few weeks. I also enjoyed seeing different parts of the Valley that I don’t normally venture out to.

I was going to the Summer Series again this year, but that was before I realized that I’ll be out of town for two of the races. And you have to participate in at least four of the five in order to qualify for the series. Not that I have a chance of placing, but it’s nice to see how I rank. Last year I was ninth in my age group. Also the two races that I’ll miss are the two I was most looking forward to. Race #2 is at Reach 11, and race #3 is the July 4th race where there’s a mini BBQ afterward. So as of now I’m planning to skip all the Summer Series races and just focus on training for my big summer events.

However, there is a 5k race on June 7 that I’m thinking about. It’s called the Run for Vania and benefits a cyclist who was in a tragic vehicle-bike accident a couple months ago. I figure this is a good cause for me to support now that I’m out biking on the roads occasionally.


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