Brrr, I miss the heat

I looked at the Schaumburg weather forecast before leaving but I severely underestimated how cold 60-70 degrees would be for someone from Arizona. Right now I’m huddled under the blankets with the thermostat at 85 degrees waiting for CSI: Miami to start.

At least I had one short-sleeved tech tee (instead of only sleeveless) and a pair of capri workout pants. It was still a bit chilly when I first stepped out of the hotel but I warmed up once I started running. After learning my lesson on Saturday, I checked and my Garmin to see that the sun set about at 8:10… plenty of time to get a few miles in. I also brought my cell phone, credit card, room key, $20 cash, and a bag of Luna Moons just in case.

When I set out I intended to run “around the block” which looked to be about 3.5 miles on Google Maps. But I got tired of waiting for the street light to change and decided to follow some “bike path” signs instead. That was a good stroke of luck because I ended up finding my way over to the Busse Woods Trail System which had a nice, paved two-lane path. There were a lot of cyclists out and two other runners. The path winds through a forest nature preserve and it was a beautiful change from Arizona desert scenery. I wish I could have stayed out there longer, but at 2.5 miles I figured I better turn around and head back.

I felt pretty good during the run. No numbness today, but a little tingling in my left toes and a tiny bit of uncomfortableness in the ball of my right foot.  Luckily I packed an extra zip lock bag so I’m icing my foot now. Since I’m a cheapskate, I stopped by the hotel fitness center to fill up my water bottle and noticed that they have some pretty cool cardio machines with individual built-in tvs. I think tomorrow I might stay in and do some cross-training instead.


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