Biking, Training

Out of town

It’s been a crazy day. Right now I’m writing this update from a hotel room in Schaumburg, IL. I’m up here for a few days visiting my company’s main corporate office.

I got up early this morning at 7am. I almost never get up that early on a Sunday unless I have a race. But I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get a bike ride in before I left. Troy and I rode 12 miles on the trails at Reach 11. Even at 10am it was hot outside. I think our speed was about 11 mph and I was pretty tired afterward. It’s a little slower than my last few rides but I’ll blame that on the dirt.

I noticed today that my butt doesn’t hurt anymore. Yay for my new cycling skirts. I ended up keeping both the pink and blue SheBeest skirts and returned both pairs of tri shorts. The tri shorts just didn’t have enough padding to make it worthwhile. But the cycling skirts have just enough padding to be useful for cycling while not being so thick that I can’t run in them too. At $50 each, it’s a little more than I planned to spend on cycling clothes, but I couldn’t decide between the pink or the blue. And it’s still a pretty good deal considering that they were $85 each at full price.

We got back home from at 11am and I managed to take a shower and pack for the trip, just barely making my self-imposed deadline of leaving for the airport at 1pm. I love flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport because I always stop at Paradise Bakery and grab something for the flight. Today I decided to splurge and get two extra chocolate chip cookies. I really shouldn’t have because my weight continues to slowly creep up. But I’ve been thinking about those cookies for days. I swear they’re the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

I packed a whole bunch of running gear in the hopes that I’ll be able to get in some short runs after work. Or worst case, I guess I can get up early on Tuesday morning and run before work. I’m not a morning person but I’ll do almost anything to avoid the treadmill.


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