Stupid, stupid, stupid

I’m sorry feet!

Tonight was a lesson in what not to do when heading out for a run. First, I headed out pretty late. Partly because I was trying to get one last shine sprite in Super Mario Sunshine and because I told myself that the later I left the cooler it would be outside. I went out to the east side of the Reach 11 trails thinking that a loop was about six miles. Unfortunately I underestimated my speed as well as the length of the trail. It was still sunny when I started out but slowly the light disappeared. There are no lights on the trail and I began to worry that I wouldn’t make it back to my car before dark. Although the trails are in the middle of the city, there are still some wild animals that call that area their home. Being scared is a not so good way to make me pick up my pace.

Once I realized I wasn’t going to be able to finish the trail before dark, I decided my best option was to head out onto the road and take a slight detour to get back to my car. That way there would be at least street lights and cars instead of the possibility of getting lost in the desert. But I forgot that the road I was planning to run back along actually doesn’t extend all the way to where I was. So I ended up going about three miles out of my way. By the time I figured out my mistake there was nothing I could do but just keep going. The whole time I kept thinking “Troy’s going to be sooo mad at me” because I didn’t have my cell phone and I pictured him calling and getting worried because I wasn’t answering.

It was supposed a five, maybe six mile run. But I kept running a little farther so I’d get back to my car faster. I pushed myself to keep going  to 7.55 miles (a half half marathon) before I stopped and walked the rest of the way… another 1.42 miles.

It wouldn’t have been so bad except that my feet were killing me. I was wearing the Adidas to see how the metatarsal pads would feel on a longer run. Unfortunately they didn’t do anything for the tingly/numb problem. My left foot went numb around 3.6 miles and I had to stop and take a short walk break. Then my right foot went numb around 5.6 miles but I kept running through it that time and it went away. By the end of the run I didn’t even feel the metatarsal pads in underneath my foot anymore. Probably because my arches were hurting so bad. I’m thinking that I may have to retire these Adidas shoes early. Once I started walking I could feel the pads again. It seems like the right pad might be just slightly in the wrong place. I’m going to have to find a way to get out to the Sports Medicine Store again to have it adjusted.

So that was my crazy adventure tonight. From now on I’ve got to make sure I bring my cell phone with me on long runs. And no more going out on the trails unless I’m sure I’ll finish before dark.

On the bright side, I wore my toe socks again. Even though the rest of my foot was hurting, my toes felt good. I think I’ll buy another pair, probably in plain white this time. I also tried some orange Clif Shot Bloks. I had three around .6 miles and three around 2.8 miles. I liked the flavor but the texture was a little strange. The Shot Bloks are softer than the Luna Moons and Sharkies. With those I can suck on them for awhile, but with the Shot Bloks I had to chew them up right away. I liked that they didn’t leave any weird gummy residue on my teeth. It seemed like the Shot Bloks helped and gave me enough energy to get through my longer than expected run.


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