Bike and Run

Well, I left work late and we didn’t have time to make it out to Reach 11 before sunset. So we just rode down the road and back. I’m so glad that we live off a major road with a bike lane. I’m getting better at riding a bike, but I don’t think I’m confident enough yet to ride on a road without a bike lane. We were lucky and only ran into one red light. It was my fastest speed yet at an average 14.8 miles per hour.

When we got home I dropped off my bike, switched shoes, and had a few sips of water before heading back out for a run. I just did the one mile loop of the neighborhood. Right away I realized that I had a slight problem. I redid the Yankz laces on my shoes a few days ago but never tested the tightness. My shoes were a little loose but I figured I could deal with it for a mile.

Despite the bike ride, my legs felt fine during the run. The hardest problem I had was breathing. I was breathing heavily for the whole run. I figured it was from being a little tired. It wasn’t until after I looked at my Garmin after the run that I realized I probably started out too fast. I ran the mile at a 9:32 pace. Not bad.

So that was good for a first brick workout. Obviously I need to fix my laces. I’m also thinking that I might want to figure out a way to take in a little fuel during the bike portion of the duathlon to make sure I have enough energy for the final run. I prefer GU these days, but I’m not coordinated enough to have it while cycling. Some kind of energy chew will probably work better. Maybe I’ll try out some Clif Shot Bloks this weekend.

1 thought on “Bike and Run”

  1. Oof, brick workouts sound super-intense! I don’t think I could handle that.

    I’ve never tried Clif Shot Blocks, but I think strawberry GU chomps are mighty tasty.

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