Daily Report

Tuesday, May 12

Breakfast: ~3 cups of watermelon (I only know it’s 3 cups because that’s what’s printed on the bottom of my plastic container.)

Lunch: Lean Cuisine baked chicken florentine

Snack: one scoop of brownie swirl ice cream and one scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream, topped with salted butter caramel sauce and a handmade marshmallow from Sweet Republic (Yummy! The marshmallow was the best part!)

Snack: plaintain chips (Just a little bit; there wasn’t much left in the bag.)

Dinner: small bowl of spinach/spring mix salad with lemon tarragon dressing, Trader Joe’s mushroom risotto with peas added in

Dessert: mango

Exercise: 18.13 mile bike ride in 1:33:18


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