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A visit to the Sports Medicine Store

Today I had an appointment with my family doctor. It was kind of a waste of time. I had to wait 45 minutes after my appointment time before I got called in by a nurse. And I’m not even exaggerating… there was a clock in the waiting area. I guess I kind of knew that my doctor wasn’t going to be able to do anything directly to treat me. At least she affirmed that it’s okay for me to keep training as long as I feel fine and my lupus doesn’t flare up again. She also gave me a list of area podiatrists to see for my foot problems.

Since I had left work for the day, I decided to drive out to the Sports Medicine Store in Scottsdale. (Yes, that’s the store name… the Sports Medicine Store. I guess there’s no mistaking what they do/sell.) They’re not open on weekends so it’s really hard for me to get over there. I was really happy that Melissa was working. She was there the first time I went to the store and is super helpful. At first I was just going to see if she thought the orthodics could be causing my blisters. But then I decided to talk to her about my other foot problems too – the numbness and metatarsalgia. Melissa was awesome because she totally listened to everything I had to say and really knew her stuff and how to help me.

I have size 5-6 orthodics in my Sauconys and size 7-8 orthodics in my Adidas. She said they both seemed to fit my arches fine, but took the size 7-8s and shaved them down slightly where I’m getting the blisters. Then, she suggested metatarsal pads which could help with both the numbness and pain in the balls of my feet. They have to be positioned properly and it took a bit of time to get it right. I had a hard time telling if the pads were in the right place and verbalizing how it felt. It was even worse than going to the eye doctors and having to choose whether A or B looks better. But Melissa was very patient and never made me feel rushed or like I was wasting her time.

The metatarsal pads had to be glued to the orthodics. Once they were done and dry I expected to pay for the pads, but Melissa said there was no charge. She must have spent at least half an hour with me and didn’t even get to make a sale. What amazing customer service! I wish I had thought to go to the Sports Medicine Store sooner. But it’s easier to say that I need to leave work early for a doctor’s appointment than that I need to go to a store.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the metatarsal pads will do the trick. I guess I’ll give it a couple weeks and if I’m still having problems then I’ll check out one of the podiatrists on the list.

I skipped the track workout for this week again because there’s a slight twinge of pain in the ball of my right foot and I don’t want to irritate it more. I thought about just sitting on my butt and playing video games all night. But I felt guilty about the ice cream I’d had earlier. So I went for a bike ride instead. Even though I had my Garmin I didn’t look at my distance at all. I felt pretty good the whole time and somehow managed to ride 18 miles at a pretty decent speed. That makes me feel so much better about being ready for the duathlon that’s just one month away now… eeek! How did the time pass so quickly?

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