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Troy said to me the other day that maybe I’m just not athletically-inclined. I’m starting to wonder if he’s right.

I’ve been a little achier than usual the past month, but I attributed it to the cycling. The main thing that had been bothering me was that I’d wake up and my fingers would be really stiff to the point where I had a hard time turing doorknobs. But after I stopped gripping my handlebars so tightly it seemed to go away.

Then last week I pulled a muscle or something in my back while strength training at the gym. That lasted for a couple days but seems okay now. Looking back, I guess I should have taken it easy over the weekend but at the time I figured I was well enough.

Monday night I had a really crappy run, but felt fine afterward. That is, until I stood up to leave Pappadeaux where Troy and I had gone for dinner. It felt as though the metatarsalgia was starting to come back in my left foot. So I rested and iced my foot on Tuesday and Wednesday and it seems fine again.

But Wednesday (yesterday) I woke up with a new problem. My left wrist hurt. I figured I just slept on it wrong, but this morning it’s even worse. It hurts when I twist my wrist or move my fingers too much. I can’t close my fist all the way and I can’t use my left hand to drive or type.

I called my rheumatologist’s office this morning and now I’m waiting for a nurse to call me back. I wanted to talk to someone before scheduling an appointment because I’m not really sure if I should see my rheumatologist or maybe go in to my family doctor for a complete physical check-up. I don’t know if all these problems are lupus-related or just a result of too much training. In the meantime, I’ll be taking some time off until I’m back to normal.


1 thought on “Time off”

  1. It usually doenst hurt to have a doctors opinion – especially with a chronic illness like lupus. It’s so tough to be slow and patient with all the things we want to do, but maybe a gradual increase with cut back weeks once a month or so will help.

    Hoping for the best for you!

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