GU and toe socks

We went to REI today. The main purpose was to pick up my SheBeest clothes from REI Outlet that I had shipped free to the store. I haven’t had a chance to try them on yet, but I’m really hoping the skirts fit. The colors are much cooler than they looked on the website.

GU was on sale for just $1 per packet, so I took the opportunity to pick up some new flavors to try. I’m betting I’ll still like Mint Chocolate the best, but it’ll be good to have a runner-up flavor for when I eventually run out.

GU from REI

I also got a couple pairs of new socks. One was another pair of Coolmesh Wrightsocks, which have been working out well for me so far. Then Troy found these for me…

Injinji rainbow toe socks

I started thinking about trying toe socks after getting a blood blister on my last run. I’m not a huge fan of the rainbow stripes because I don’t have any running clothes in primary colors, but I went with them because the fabric seemed slightly thinner on these than the plain white socks. Unfortunately they’re longer than I expected.

Heading out to run in my new socks

I went for a long run tonight at Reach 11. I got in seven miles, but I was slooow with an 11:02 pace. My legs just didn’t want to move today. Oh, well. It was the first time I wore these shoes out to Reach 11 so I decided to take some before and after photos.

Before: Shoes before running at Reach 11

After: Shoes after running at Reach 11

White shoes just don’t do well on trails, although they aren’t looking too bad. I expected them to be even dustier.

Funny story, I brought an old pair of these Sauconys into Road Runner Sports once to get some advice about the sizing. A lady who was there shopping asked if my shoes were from the store and I said yes, but grabbed a pair off the shelf to show her what they looked like new and clean. She was disappointed because she actually liked the look of my old, dirty, bloody shoes. I didn’t really know what to say to that…

By the way, the socks felt weird at first because I’m not used to having the extra fabric between my toes. But I barely noticed it at all during the run. I wondered whether my toes would feel more crowded inside my shoes, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. I have one toenail that’s been getting irritated lately and it felt fine after the run. My existing blister didn’t pop and I don’t have any new blisters. So far so good with the new toe socks!


2 thoughts on “GU and toe socks”

  1. Those socks are pretty sweet! I’ve always been afraid to try them though since I hate the feeling of things between my toes. Nice to know that they’re workin’ out for you.

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